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The Bakyâ or wooden clogs were once the most commonly used footwear in the Philippines before the introduction of rubber sandals. This footwear is made from local light wood like santol and laniti. It is cut to the desired foot size before being shaven until smooth. The side of the bakyâ is thick enough to be carved with floral, geometric or landscape designs. Afterwards, the bakyâ could then be painted or varnished. Uppers of plastic or rubber will then be fastened using clavitos (tiny nails) and the bakyâ is now ready to wear.


The bakyâ was very popular in the 1950s and was a common souvenir for Americans visiting the country. However, the bakyâ industry dwindled with the introduction of rubber slippers. Today it is rarely used although it is a common footwear used during cultural presentations.

Colloquial UseEdit

The word bakyâ may also be used in the Philippines to denote something that is of "low-class", "unsophisticated" or "cheap".

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