Bajo un mismo rostro (TV series)

Bajo un mismo rostro (English title: Single Identity) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita for Televisa in 1995.[1]

Bajo un mismo rostro
Created byJorge Lozano Soriano
Written byJorge Lozano Soriano
Lila Yolanda Andrade
Directed byAntulio Jiménez Pons
StarringChristian Bach
Alfredo Adame
Saúl Lisazo
Carlos Cámara
Magda Guzmán
Rosario Gálvez
Lorena Rojas
Theme music composerAmparo Rubín
Opening themeInstrumental
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes100
Executive producersChristian Bach
Humberto Zurita
ProducerGerardo Zurita
Production locationsFilming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico
Morelia, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Athens, Greece
CinematographyAntulio Jiménez Pons
EditorJuan Carlos Camacho
Running time39-45 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original release
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas
ReleaseApril 17 (1995-04-17) –
August 25, 1995 (1995-08-25)

Christian Bach, Alfredo Adame and Saúl Lisazo starred as protagonists, while Carlos Cámara, Roberto Blandón and Nuria Bages starred as antagonists.



Irene Saldívar is a young woman, beautiful and rich, who suffers a great emotional shock after the death of her father and brother. When she recovers, Irene travels to Greece with her beloved nanny, Rosario, to free herself from bad memories. During her trip, the young woman meets Alexis Teodorakis, a wealthy Greek businessman with whom she falls madly in love. Both decide to get married without knowing that Carlos Gorostiaga, the administrator of Irene's fortune, has other plans for them.

Carlos, who was always in charge of the finances of the late Melchor Saldívar, Irene's father, is now in charge of directing the fortune of the young woman, who considers him an honest and trustworthy man. But the reality is different since Carlos is an ambitious and unscrupulous man who pretends to be a good person before his wife, Luciana Mendoza, and Irene herself. However, Carlos works in the company of Alejandro Roldán; the two seduce rich women and then kill them and keep their money.

Alejandro is as mean as Carlos; He lives in Morelia with his wife, Laura Limantur, who loves him obsessively and who is also complicit in her husband's crimes. Ramiro also lives with them their son, who is completely unaware of his parents' activities. Ramiro always regrets the absence of his father and whoever wants to control his future because his father wants to force him to work with him in family businesses when he wants to be a musician.

Carlos and Alejandro plan the death of Alexis so that Alejandro later falls in love with Irene. Their filthy purposes pay off when Alexis dies in an explosion on his yacht. Irene, who has become pregnant with Alexis's baby, returns heartbroken to Mexico, and there she receives the help of Diego Covarrubias, the doctor who treated her father and brother when they died. They both fall in love, but new obstacles appear: Estelita, Diego's sickly daughter, is too attached to the memory of her late mother Magdalena and refuses to let another woman take her place. In addition, Irene discovers that her friend Carolina has always been in love with Diego and decides to move away to leave her place for her friend since Carolina is ill with cancer and her diagnosis is short-lived.

Meanwhile, Alejandro has become obsessed with Irene; failing to earn her love, he decides to blackmail her by threatening to take away her son if she does not agree to marry him.


  • Christian Bach as Irene de la Concepcion Saldívar Bustamante de Teodorakis
  • Alfredo Adame as Diego Covarrubias Escobedo
  • Saúl Lisazo as Alexis Teodorakis Montoya
  • Carlos Cámara as Carlos Gorostiaga (Villain)
  • Magda Guzmán as Rosario Montez
  • Rosario Gálvez as Luciana Mendoza de Gorostiaga
  • Lorena Rojas as Carolina Zurbarán Castro
  • Luis Aguilar as Father Tomás
  • Ernesto Alonso as Melchor Saldívar
  • Nuria Bages as Laura Limantur de Roldán (Main female villain)
  • Roberto Blandón as Alejandro Roldán (Main male villain)
  • Anthony Álvarez as Father Lorenzo
  • Aurora Clavel as Lupita
  • Tomás Goros as Renato
  • Virginia Gutiérrez as Esther Castro de Zurbarán
  • Josafat Luna as Franco Rosetti
  • Marifer Malo as Estelita Covarrubias Robledo
  • Ramón Menéndez as Andrés Ballesteros
  • Raquel Olmedo as Cassandra Montoya Vda. de Teodorakis
  • Frances Ondiviela as Melisa Papandreu
  • Ramiro Orci as Arnulfo
  • David Ostrosky as Rubén Montesinos
  • Rodrigo Oviedo as Ramiro Roldán Limantur
  • Fabián Robles as Teo
  • Mayra Rojas as Sandra Carballido
  • Isabel Salazar as Ana María
  • Roberto Sen as Cristóbal
  • Juan Soler as Marcelo Saldívar Bustamante
  • Silvia Suárez as Cristina Beristáin
  • Sergio Sánchez as Héctor Kazan

Special performances


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1996 14th TVyNovelas Awards Best Production Christian Bach
Humberto Zurita


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