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The Baird Lecture is a lectureship that was endowed by James Baird to promote the Christian religion.

History and endowmentEdit

In 1873 James Baird established The Baird Trust and gave into its care £500,000 to be used for aggressive Christian work. A part of the income of this fund was to provide for a series of lectures in Glasgow and also, if required, at one other of the Scottish university towns. Each course was to be delivered by a minister of the Church of Scotland, who could be reappointed, and was to consist of at least six lectures.

Catalogue of titlesEdit

  • 1873: The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by Robert Jamieson
  • 1874: The Mysteries of Christianity, by Thomas Jackson Crawford
  • 1875: Endowed Territorial Work, by William Smith
  • 1876: Theism, by Robert Flint
  • 1877: Anti-Theistic Theories, by Robert Flint
  • 1879: Messianic Prophecy, by Paton James Gloag
  • 1880: Historical Development of Supernatural Religion, by John Christie
  • 1881: Natural Elements of Revealed Theology, by George Matheson
  • 1882: The Westminster Assembly, by Alexander Ferrier Mitchell
  • 1883: St Paul’s Use of the Terms Flesh and Spirit, by Prof Wm Dickson
  • 1885: The Revelation of St John, by Prof William Milligan
  • 1887: The Church of Christ, by Prof Archibald Hamilton Charteris
  • 1889: Early Religion of Israel, by Prof J Robertson
  • 1891: The Ascension and Heavenly Priesthood of our Lord, by Prof Wm Milligan
  • 1892: Sacrifice: Its Prophecy and Fulfilment, by Archibald Scott
  • 1895: The Scottish Church in Christendom, by Prof H Cowan
  • 1897: Apostolic ministry in the Scottish Church, by Prof Robert Herbert Story
  • 1899: The Scottish Reformation, by Alexander Ferrier Mitchell
  • 1901: The Church and its Social Mission, by Very Rev J Marshall Lang
  • 1903: The Ministry and Sacraments of the Church of Scotland, by Very Revd Donald Macleod
  • 1905: The Rule of Faith, by Prof W P Paterson
  • 1907: The Four Gospels in the Earliest Church History, by Prof Thomas Nicol
  • 1909: Modern Substitutes for Christianity, by Very Rev Pearson McAdam Muir
  • 1911: New Testament Criticism: Its History and Results, by Revd J A McClymont
  • 1913: Christian Freedom, by Prof W M McGregor
  • 1915: The Apostles of India, by Revd James Nicoll Ogilvie
  • 1917: The Idea of Immortality, by Prof G Galloway
  • 1920: The Christian Vindication of Patriotism, by Robert Stevenson
  • 1922: Jeremiah, by Prof George Adam Smith
  • 1924: Religious Experience, by R H Fisher
  • 1926: Music in Church Worship, by G W Stewart
  • 1928: The Idealism of Christian Ethics, by G Walker
  • 1929: The New Testament and its Transmission, by Prof George Milligan
  • 1932: The Riddle of the World, by Prof David S Cairns
  • 1934: Post Exilic Judaism, by Prof Adam Welch
  • 1935: Parish and Parish Church, by Revd P D Thomson
  • 1942: Youth in the new Order, by W M Wightman
  • 1946: New Forms of the Old Faith, by Revd James Black
  • 1947: The Chaplains in the Church of Scotland, by Revd T B Stewart Thomson
  • 1949: The Epistle to the Hebrews, by Prof Wm Manson
  • 1950: Church and Ministry, by Prof G D Henderson
  • 1955: A History of Worship in the Church of Scotland, by Revd W D Maxwell
  • 1960: Christian Faith and the Providential Order, by Rev Archibald Campbell Craig
  • 1965: History and Duties of the Office of Elder, by Rev G M Dryburgh
  • 1971: Ethics in a Permissive Society, by Prof Wm Barclay
  • 1975: Message, Media, Mission, by Revd R F Falconer
  • 1978: Saltire and Thistle, by Revd J.BP Bulloch
  • 1985: Kirk by Divine Right, by Very Rev Andrew Herron
  • 1990: Music’s Magic Lost: Can it be regained?, by Revd Ian Mackenzie
  • 2004: Netting Citizens, by Rev. Johnston McKay
  • 2007: Celebrating 150 years of Scottish Scholarship
  • 2009: What should they know of preaching who only preaching know? by Very Revd Dr Andrew McLellan

External linksEdit

  • The Baird Trust website with text of all the lectures as searchable .pdf files.