Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

The Bailiwick Repertory Theatre was a theater company in Chicago founded in 1982[1] that produced eclectic works.[2] It staged productions at the Bailiwick Arts Center in the city's Lakeview neighborhood from 1995 until 2009.[3] Productions include Biello & Martin's 1999 production of Fairytales/Breathe and the 2007 American premiere of Jerry Springer - The Opera.[4]

Bailiwick Repertory Theater was officially dissolved in the fall of 2009. At that time, many of the company's former artists got together to create a new company in order to continue Bailiwick's legacy of producing daring and risky musicals and plays.[5] This new company is called Bailiwick Chicago, launched on November 8, 2009. Bailiwick Chicago is producing non-equity musicals and plays, with a special emphasis on cultural, social and sexual diversity. There is no brick & mortar location for the company at this time. Productions are mounted at various locations around Chicago.

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