Bail (disambiguation)

Bail can mean:

  • bail, security (usually a sum of money), exchanged for the release of an arrested person as a guarantee of that person's appearance for trial by a lawcourt, and related meanings
  • bail (cricket), one of the two wooden crosspieces that rest on top of the stumps to form a wicket in cricket
  • Bail (jewelry), a ring in jewellery, used usually for connecting a pendant or amulet to a necklace at the correct angle
  • Animal stall, e.g., milking bail or feeding bail
  • Bail handle or bail, a hooped handle of a bucket or kettle
  • Bail Organa, a Star Wars character
  • Paul Bail, English cricketer
  • Bailing (boardsports), the act of falling off a skateboard, longboard, etc.
  • Bail or flip-top closure on jars or bottles

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