Bai Lu (actress)

Bai Lu (Chinese: 白鹿; born 23 September 1994) is a Chinese actress.

Bai Lu
Bai Mengyan (白梦妍)

(1994-09-23) 23 September 1994 (age 25)
Years active2016–present
AgentHuanyu Film
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Chinese name

Early life and educationEdit

Bai Lu was born Bai Mengyan on 23 September 1994 in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. In 2012, she participated in SM Entertainment's overseas audition, but failed to be selected. She then became a model. In 2015, Bai participated in a series of short films produced by Cattree studio, officially debuting as an actress.[1] She also starred in Lu Hu's music video, "Liu Yan".


2016–2018: BeginningsEdit

In 2016, Bai Lu signed a contract with Yu Zheng's entertainment company Huanyu Film.[2] She then appeared in her first television series Zhaoge, playing a female general.

In 2017, Bai starred in the historical comedy television series King Is Not Easy, which is her first leading role.[3] The same year, she was cast in the fantasy drama The Monkey King: Land of Beauty as the female lead.[4]

In 2018, Bai starred in historical romance drama Untouchable Lovers, playing dual roles in the series.[5] She was awarded the Newcomer Award at the iQiyi All-Star Carnival for her performance.[6]

2019–present: Rising popularityEdit

In 2019, Bai starred in the xianxia drama The Legends alongside Xu Kai, where her role as a overbearing demoness received positive reviews.[7] The same year, she starred in the youth military drama Arsenal Military Academy and romance comedy drama Lucky's First Love.[8][9] She was also cast in the historical romance drama Jiu Liu Overlord alongside Lai Yi,[10] and romance workplace drama Love is Sweet alongside Luo Yunxi.[11]


Television seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Network Notes/Ref.
2017 King is Not Easy 大王不容易 Dan Xi Tencent [3]
2018 Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Huo Xuan / Le Yan Hunan TV [5]
2019 The Legends 招摇 Lu Zhaoyao [7]
Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校 Xie Xiang iQiyi [8]
Lucky's First Love 世界欠我一个初恋 Xing Yun [9]
TBA Zhaoge 朝歌 Deng Chanyu
The Monkey King: Land of Beauty 西游记女儿国 Wu Shuang [4]
Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Long Aoyi Tencent [10]
Love Is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Jiang Jun iQiyi [11]
Yu Lou Chun 玉楼春 Lin Shaochun Youku
Imperial Cuisine 尚食 Yao Zijin Mango TV

Short filmEdit

Year English title Chinese title Notes/Ref.
2015 Meeting You is such a Good Thing 遇见你这么美好的事情
2016 There are no Jokes in this World 世界上没有所谓的玩笑,玩笑都有认真的成分
This Winter, Have You Fell in Love? 这个冬天,你恋爱了吗
What Do You Expect of Me 你还要我怎样


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes/Ref.
2017 "Subordinate Takes Order" 小的听令 King is Not Easy OST [12]
2018 "A Tale of Two Phoenixes" 凤囚凰 Untouchable Lovers OST [13]
2019 "Entering a Dream" 入梦 Arsenal Military Academy OST with Xu Kai[14]
"Want To Be With You" 想和你一起 Lucky's First Love OST [15]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Ceremony Nominated work Results Ref.
2017 11th Tencent Video Star Awards Most Promising New Actress King is Not Easy Won [16]
2018 7th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Newcomer Award Untouchable Lovers Won [6]
2019 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Web series) Arsenal Military Academy Nominated [17]
StarHub Night of Stars 2019 Most Promising Actress Won [18]
Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Actress The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy, Lucky's First Love Nominated [19]
8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Most Popular Drama Actress N/A Won [20]
Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony New Female Celebrity of the Year N/A Won [21]


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