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Bahupura (officially Kalanpur Buzurg as per Tahsil records) (other name Bahupura Mahelki) is a village in Bijnor district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. These are two villages: one is Bahupura and other is Mehlki. The main occupation of the villagers is farming. More than 60% of the village population is engaged in agriculture work.


Kalanpur Buzurg
Bahupura is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Bahupura is located in India
Bahupura (India)
Coordinates: 29°28′35″N 78°17′19″E / 29.47649°N 78.28874°E / 29.47649; 78.28874Coordinates: 29°28′35″N 78°17′19″E / 29.47649°N 78.28874°E / 29.47649; 78.28874
Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
 • BodyGram panchayat
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code01342



According to ancient legend, Bahupura village was named by the British surveyor. Once upon a time a British surveyor came here and stayed in the village. The bent grass greens cooked by a Bhuiyar bride (as called in Hindi "Bahu" बहु) in the village for the British surveyor. The British surveyor ate the rice bread (धान की रोटी) with greens, and he was very happy. The Surveyor was impressed by the lady and put the name "Bahupura" of the village.

A great social meeting was held in the village of Bahupura on date 28 May 1938 by All India Dhiman Maha Sabha (Branch District Bijnor). The conference was attended by Dhiman community (carpenter) members from across the country . The main objective of the conference was to take part in the Freedom movement of India by society. The convention was held in the mangoes garden (called as "Paudha Bag") near the village, which was located in the west of the village. Nowadays the canal is operating here.

Bahupura is a nice place to visit as it is having lots of natural beauty around it. There are a Shiv Mandir and an oldest well (पुराना कुआँ) also.


Bahupura village is located at 29°28′35″N 78°17′19″E / 29.47649°N 78.28874°E / 29.47649; 78.28874 it has an average elevation of 242 metres (794 ft). Bahupura about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east from Kiratpur and 17 kilometres (11 mi) west from Nagina city. And the village is 24 km distance from its District Headquarters Bijnor.



The total population of Bahupura is 1275 with 680 male and 595 female as per census 2001.


The nearest railway station to Bahupura is Basi Kiratpur Railway Station (BSKR). There is no direct bus service for passengers. Commuters and villagers have to leave bus at Alampur Bus Stand.


Bahupura has one primary school controlled by Government of Uttar Pradesh. The total strength of students in the school is more than one hundred.

There are a Child Welfare Center and a Post Office in the village.


Bahupura is like any other village of western Uttar Pradesh in language, dress, food habits, festivals, and other traditions and ceremonial functions. The common tongue of the Bahupura people in the Hindi dialect of Western Hindi (called as "Khadi Boli, Bijnori Boli")

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