Bahraini Gulf Arabic

Bahraini Gulf Arabic is a Gulf Arabic dialect spoken in Bahrain. It is spoken by Sunni Bahraini and is a dialect which is most similar to urban dialect spoken in Qatar.

Bahraini Gulf Arabic
Native toBahrain
Native speakers
no data[1]
L2 negligible
Official status
Official language in
Not official in any country
Regulated byNot recognised as a language
Language codes
ISO 639-1none
ISO 639-3

An sociolinguistic feature of Bahrain is the existence of three distinct dialects: Bahrani Arabic (a dialect primarily spoken by Bahraini in Shia villages and some parts of Manama), Sunni and Ajami Arabic.[2]

In Bahrain, the Sunni muslims form a minority of the population, but the ruling family is Sunni. Therefore, the Bahraini Gulf Arabic dialect represented on TV is almost invariably that of the Sunni population. Therefore, power, prestige and financial control are associated with the Sunni Arabs. This is having a major effect on the direction of language change in Bahrain.[3]


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