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Bahar Muradova (born 20 March 1962) is an Azerbaijani politician affiliated to the New Azerbaijan Party and deputy speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan since 2005.


Early lifeEdit

Born in Füzuli on 20 March 1962, Muradova attended the Baku Light Industry Technical School, from where she received a diploma in textile industry. Later she joined the Azerbaijan University in Baku to study Law. She did her doctorate in Political Science.[1][2]


In 1981, Muradova took up the job of supervisor at a textile factory in Baku. Later, she turned to politics and became a member of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in 1993 and has since held important positions within the party, including that of deputy chairman of party's female cadre and a deputy executive secretary. From 1995 to 2000, Muradova served in the Office of the Azerbaijani President. After winning the Azerbaijani parliamentary election in 2005, she was appointed the deputy speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan. She is a recipient of the Order of Glory and has also published five scholarly papers. She retained her seat from Füzuli̇ in the 2015 Azerbaijani parliamentary election.[1][2]

Personal lifeEdit

Muradova is married and has one son.[2]


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