Bahamas Stakes

The Bahamas Stakes was an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually in January at Hialeah Park Race Track in Hialeah, Florida. A seven furlong race on dirt, it was the first important test of the calendar year for newly turned three-year-olds. The race was used by prospective U.S. Triple Crown contenders as a stepping stone to the Everglades and Flamingo Stakes at the Hialeah track. Reflected Glory (1967) and Pistols and Roses (1992), swept all three events.

Bahamas Stakes
Discontinued stakes race
LocationHialeah Park Race Track
Hialeah, Florida, United States
last run 2001
Race typeThoroughbredFlat racing
Race information
Distance7 furlongs

Inaugurated in 1934 as the Bahamas Handicap, it was run in two divisions in 1952, 1953, and 1969.

By the mid-1980s, the racing dates available to Hialeah Park track forced a rescheduling of the race and as such it would rarely be contested by Triple Crown hopefuls. Hialeah Park closed permanently after the 2001 racing season.


The 1937 winner, No Sir, was owned and trained by twenty-three-year-old Mary Hirsch who on April 2, 1935 became the first female to receive a trainers license.[1]

The great Bold Ruler equalled the track record in his 1957 win.[2] His mark was matched by Sir Gaylord in 1962 and then broken by New Prospect in 1972.[3]

Four horses who were beaten in the Bahamas Stakes went on to win the Kentucky Derby:[4]


2001 American Century José A. Santos Todd A. Pletcher Peachtree Stable 6 F 1:09.23
2000 Don't Tell The Kids Jorge Tejeira Robert J. Durso O. Wayne Link 7 F 1:22.97
1999 Sagthun Abdiel Toribio Carlos Morales Maria Blanca Stable 7 F 1:24.68
1998 Gallapiat's Aussie Jose A. Rivera II Reynaldo Nobles Tre-Colore Stables Inc. 7 F 1:23.72
1997 Michelle'sallhands Gary Boulanger Mario Zacco Karon & Mario Zacco 7 F 1:25.53
1996 Fortunate Review Abdiel Toribio Manuel Azpurua S. J. G. Racing Stable Inc. 7 F 1:24.45
1995 Koennecker Carlos Lopez Sr. Louis M. Goldfine Sidney L. Port 7 F 1:22.53
1994 Exclusive Praline José A. Santos Steve Towne Frank C. Calabrese 7 F 1:23.59
1993 Great Navigator Heberto Castillo Jr. John F. Mazza Roron Stables 7 F 1:24.14
1992 No race
1991 Pistols and Roses Heberto Castillo Jr. George Gianos Willis Family Stables, Inc. 7 F 1:23.60
1990 No race
1989 Halrose Douglas Valiente Frank A. Passero Jr. A A Stable 7 F 1:23.00
1988 Position Leader † Jorge Duarte Pepe Mendez S. Garazi & M. Besso 7 F 1:24.00
1987 Faster Than Sound Craig Perret Edwin K. Cleveland H. J. Allen & Howard Kaskel 7 F 1:22.80
1986 One Magic Moment Craig Perret Joseph H. Pierce Jr. Greyhound Stable & Herb Kligman 7 F 1:22.60
1984 Bello Earlie Fires Joseph M. Bollero Lois Bollero 7 F 1:22.00
1982 Aloma's Ruler Ángel Cordero Jr. John J. Lenzini Jr. Nathan Scherr 7 F 1:22.20
1981 Well Decorated Don MacBeth Eugene Jacobs Herbert Allen 7 F 1:22.20
1980 Irish Tower Jeffrey Fell Stanley M. Hough Malcolm H. Winfield 7 F 1:22.60
1978 Quadratic Eddie Maple Woody Stephens August Belmont IV & Jim Ryan 7 F 1:23.00
1977 No race
1976 Proud Birdie Jack Fieselman Rosemary Henderson Diamonte Stable 7 F 1:22.60
1975 Ascetic Michael Hole Woody Stephens Mill House Stable 7 F 1:22.00
1974 Hasty Flyer Mike Miceli Harry Trotsek Hasty House Farm 7 F 1:23.00
1973 Royal and Regal Walter Blum Warren A. Croll Jr. Aisco Stable 7 F 1:22.00
1972 New Prospect Mike Manganello Richard Fischer Mrs. Wallace Gilroy 7 F 1:21.40
1971 Jim French Ángel Cordero Jr. John P. Campo Oxford Stable 7 F 1:24.20
1970 Silent Screen John L. Rotz J. Bowes Bond Elberon Fsrm 7 F 1:23.00
1969-1 Ack Ack Manuel Ycaza Frank A. Bonsal Cain Hoy Stable 7 F 1:22.60
1969-2 Fast Hilarious Ron Turcotte Joseph M. Bollero Dorothy C. Rigney 7 F 1:22.80
1968 Verbatim John L. Rotz Jerry C. Meyer Elmendorf Farm 7 F 1:22.20
1967 Reflected Glory Jorge Velásquez Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 7 F 1:23.00
1966 Graustark Braulio Baeza Loyd Gentry Jr. Darby Dan Farm 7 F 1:23.60
1965 Sparkling Johnny Mike Venezia Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 7 F 1:24.40
1964 Roman Brother Manuel Ycaza Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 7 F 1:23.40
1963 Sky Wonder Steve Brooks Budd Lepman Mrs. Charles D. Morgan 7 F 1:24.60
1962 Sir Gaylord Ismael Valenzuela Casey Hayes Christopher Chenery 7 F 1:22.00
1961 Vapor Whirl Bill Hartack Larry Thompson Alamode Farm 7 F 1:23.80
1960 Bally Ache Bobby Ussery Jimmy Pitt Edgehill Farm (Leonard D. & Morris Fruchtman) 7 F 1:23.40
1959 Troilus Chris Rogers Charles Peoples Bayard Sharp 7 F 1:23.80
1958 Olymar Howard Grant Charles R. Parke Fred W. Hooper 7 F 1:23.60
1957 Bold Ruler Ted Atkinson James E. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 7 F 1:22.00
1956 Eiffel Blue Eugene Rodriguez A. G. (Bob) Robertson Daniel G. Arnstein 7 F 1:24.80
1955 Boston Doge Eric Guerin Frank Andolino Paul Andolino 7 F 1:24.40
1954 Goyamo Conn McCreary Woody Stephens Woodvale Farm 7 F 1:23.60
1953 King Pen 1st Div Logan Batcheller Frank S. Barnett Hal Price Headley 7 F 1:27.20
1953 First Aid 2nd Div Ira Hanford Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 7 F 1:26.40
1952 Quiet Step 1st Div Douglas Dodson Kay Eric Jensen Apheim Stable (Bernard Heiman) 7 F 1:24.20
1952 Trick Pilot 2nd Div Ovie Scurlock James W. Healy Vera S. Bragg 7 F 1:25.20
1951 Elixir Hedley Woodhouse David J. Schneider David J. Schneider 7 F 1:25.60
1950 Theory Douglas Dodson Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 7 F 1:24.60
1949 Commodore Lea Conn McCreary Buck Hazzard Sidney I. Crew 7 F 1:23.80
1948 Relic Ted Atkinson Burton B. Williams Circle M. Farm (Edward S. Moore) 7 F 1:23.20
1947 Imperator Jimmy Reynolds Arthur Brent Col. R. S. McLaughlin 7 F 1:25.00
1946 Cedar Creek Eddie Arcaro William B. Finnegan Walter P. Chrysler Jr. 7 F 1:24.00
1946 Wee Admiral Herb Lindberg Arthur Brent Col. R. S. McLaughlin 7 F 1:24.40
1945 No race
1944 Ariel Flight Mike Caffarella Willie Martin Sam Fineberg 7 F 1:25.60
1943 No race
1942 American Wolf Don Meade William C. Winfrey Alice F. Sherman 7 F 1:24.60
1941 Dispose Alfred Robertson Max Hirsch King Ranch 7 F 1:22.40
1940 Red Dock Eddie Arcaro John M. Gaver Sr. Greentree Stable 7 F 1:24.20
1939 Royal Pam Ira Hanford Sherrill W. Ward Johnson N. Camden Jr. 7 F 1:23.80
1938 Lavengro Verne Thompson Elwood L. Fitzgerald Norman W. Church 7 F 1:24.40
1937 No Sir Jack Westrope Mary Hirsch Mary Hirsch 7 F 1:23.80
1936 Maeriel Eddie Litzenberger George E. Phillips Maemere Farm (DeWitt Page) 7 F 1:25.60
1935 Roman Soldier Silvio Coucci Phil Reuter W. Sachsenmaler & P. Reuter 7 F 1:25.40
1934 Time Supply Don Meade Frank C. Travis Mrs. Frank A. Carreaud 7 F 1:23.00
  • Run November 28, 1987.


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