Baek Ji-won (Korean백지원; born April 30, 1973)[2] is a South Korean actress. She graduated in Horticultural Science from Kyung Hee University.[3][4] She made her acting debut in 1996 in play My father got cancer. She is known for her role in television series Once Again (2020), apart from that she appeared in film Solace (2007) and television series The Fiery Priest (2019) and Do You Like Brahms? (2020). In 2021, she appeared in sports drama Racket Boys and in tvN's Melancholia alongside Im Soo-jung.[5]

Baek Ji-won
Born (1973-04-30) April 30, 1973 (age 51)
South Korea
EducationKyung Hee University (BSc in Horticultural)
  • Actress
Years active1996–present
AgentLead Entertainment[1]
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBaek Ji-won
McCune–ReischauerPaek Chiwŏn




Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2003 If You Were Me [6]
2006 Solace Sim In-sook
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
2011 The Apprehenders Social worker
2013 Montage Detective
2014 Han Gong-ju Head Nurse
2017 The Poet and the Boy Teok Joo-ga-ri
2018 In Between Seasons Sook-jung
2019 Family Affair
2022 Birth Mother Kursula [7]
2023 Dream Sun-ja [8]

Television series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2012 How Long I've Kissed
2014 Secret Affair Wang Jeong-hee
2015 Heard It Through the Grapevine Yoo Shin-young
I Have a Lover Choi Jin-ri
The Family is Coming Choi Dal-ja
2016 A Beautiful Mind Wife of glioblastoma patient (Ep. 6)
2017 Woman with a Suitcase
Lucky Romance
Reunited Worlds Landlord
My Golden Life Soon-Ok Cho
Mad Dog Oh Seo-ra
Fight for My Way
Super Family Sex education teacher
Innocent Defendant Eun-hye's aunt
2018 About Time Wife Ep.1
The Undateables Bong Sun-hwa
Your Honor Cha Hong-ran
Lawless Lawyer
2019 Encounter Joo Yeon-ja [9]
My Fellow Citizens! Park Jin-hee
Everything and Nothing Doctor (Ep.1)
The Fiery Priest Kim In-kyung [10]
Trap Ms. Joe
Be Melodramatic Jeong Hye-jeong [11]
Miss Lee Choi Yeong-ja
KBS Drama Special:
"Understanding Dance"
Tony Season 10, ep. 7
2020 Tell Me What You Saw Kim Na-hee Ep.6~8 - lawyer
Once Again Jang Ok-ja
How to Buy a Friend Oh Jung-hee [12]
Mystic Pop-up Bar Mrs. Andong (Ep. 2)
Awaken Lee Taek-jo | style="text-align:center" |
Do You Like Brahms? Lee Soo-kyung
2021 Racket Boys Shin Song-hee [13]
Sell Your Haunted House Lee Eun-Hye
The Road: The Tragedy of One Kwon Yeo-jin [14]
KBS Drama Special:
"Scenery of Pain"
Yoon Kwang-sook Season 12, ep.3 [15]
Melancholia Min Hee-seung [16]
2021 Snowdrop Choi Mi-hye [17]
2022 Extraordinary Attorney Woo Han Sun-young [18][19]
Cheer Up Hwang Jin-hee [20]

Web series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2021 Mad for Each Other Kim In-ja [21]
2022 Anna Hyeon-ju's mother [22]
Once Upon a Small Town Jang Se-ryeon [23][24]
2023 The Deal Min-woo's mother [25]
Race Kim Hee-young [26][27]
2024 When Life Gives You Tangerines [28]

Awards and nominations

Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
APAN Star Awards 2022 Best Supporting Actress Extraordinary Attorney Woo,
Won [29]
KBS Drama Awards 2020 How to Buy a Friend
Once Again
Nominated [30]
SBS Drama Awards 2019 Best Supporting Team The Fiery Priest Won [31]
Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-Length Drama Nominated


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