Badra, Iraq

Badra (Arabic: بدرة‎) is a town in eastern Iraq in Wasit Governorate, near the Iranian border. The town is populated by Kurds.[1]

Suburb of Badra, 2018.


The name Badrah is ultimately derived from the ancient Sumerian city of Der, which is located at nearby Tell 'Aqar. Der is referred to as Bīt-Derāya at the time of Tiglath-pileser III, and as Bīt-Derāyā in later Syriac sources. This eventually became Badarāya, the medieval Arabic name of the city, and finally Badrah in modern times.[2] Note that the name Badurāya should not be confused with Bādūrayā, the name of a medieval district southwest of Baghdad.[3]

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Coordinates: 33°07′N 45°57′E / 33.117°N 45.950°E / 33.117; 45.950