Badia Fiesolana

Coordinates: 43°48′11.08″N 11°16′59.07″E / 43.8030778°N 11.2830750°E / 43.8030778; 11.2830750 The Badia Fiesolana was an medieval and renaissance period Roman Catholic monastery located in the town of Fiesole (in the quarter of San Domenico), northeast of Florence, Italy. Since 1976 the building is the main seat of the European University Institute.[1] The original Camaldolese monks building was completed in 1028 and was subsequently transferred to Benedictines from Montecassino and the Canons Regular of St. Augustine.[2]

Badia Fiesolana
Monterinaldi, vista su fesole 03 badia fiesolana.JPG
Monastery information
Dedicated toBartholomew the Apostle
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Fiesole
LocationFiesole,  Italy


The monastery was built between 1025-1028 on the location of a former chapel dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Romulus. Originally, it bore the name of Saint Bartholomew. The present appearance dates from between 1456 and 1467.

Current useEdit

The former convent is now the seat of the European University Institute.



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