Badan Singh

Thakur Badan Singh (Reign: 1722–21 May 1755) was the formal founder of the princely state of Bharatpur. He was nephew of Churaman. After the death of Thakur Churaman Singh on 22 September 1721 there were family disputes between Badan Singh and Muhakam, son of Churaman. Badan Singh aligned with Jai Singh II of Jaipur to avoid the anger of Muhakam Singh. In this family feud Jai Singh supported Badan Singh and gave Badan Singh the title of Thakur.

Badan Singh
Thakur of Bharatpur
Reign1722–1755 AD
PredecessorRaja Ram Jat
SuccessorMaharaja Suraj Mal
Died21 May 1755
HouseSinsiniwar Yaduvanshi Jat Dynasty

Muhakams downfallEdit

Muhakam was a capable leader, he had proved his martial ability by defeating and killing the deputy subedar of Agra and by defeating Sadat Khan, the viceroy of Agra. Muhakam had also challenged Mughal authority by helping rebels like Ajit Singh of Marwar and Chattrasal of Bundi. The Mughal emperor had no choice but to send Jai singh II of Amber against the Jats. Jai Singh prepared an army of 14,000 men and marched towards the Jat strongholds. Muhakam was forced to retreat to the fort of Thun, he attacked Jai Singhs army at night several times leading to heavy losses on both sides. However day by day the heavy artillery of the besiegers was felt by the garrison. Muhakam knew that the fort would fall within a short time so he carried as much treasure as he could and destroyed the rest with gunpowder. On 7-8th November 1722 Muhakam fled to Jodhpur where he paid the Jodhpur Maharaja three lakh rupees to help him against Jai Singh. A Jodhpur army was sent under Bijairaj Bhandari to save Thun, however by the time the Jodhpur army reached Jobner, it was too late as most of the Jat strongholds had fallen and many smaller forts had been dismantled. Muhakam had no choice but to go into exile, a Mughal army was sent to chase him, however he was saved by the Maharaja of Jodhpur. Badan Singh was thus made the Thakur of Bharatpur by Jai Singh.[1]