Badai Pasti Berlalu (album)

Badai Pasti Berlalu ([ˈbadai ˈpasti bərˈlalu]; English: The Storm Will Surely Pass) is the 1977 soundtrack to the Indonesian film of the same name. Rolling Stone Indonesia listed it as the best Indonesian album of all time. Three of its songs, Badai Pasti Berlalu, Merpati Putih, and Merepih Alam, were listed by Rolling Stone as among the best Indonesian songs ever released.

Badai Pasti Berlalu
Badai Pasti Berlalu 1977 album.jpg
Soundtrack album by
LabelIrama Mas

Recording and releaseEdit

After the success of Badai Pasti Berlalu, Eros Djarot and Chrisye were approached by Irama Mas with a request to release the soundtrack as an album, offering to buy it for a flat fee. Although they considered their work on Badai Pasti Berlalu over and were already considering their next project, they agreed.[1]

Badai Pasti Berlalu was recorded in Pluit, Jakarta[1] in a period of 21 days, led by composer Eros Djarot. The vocals were covered by Chrisye (who also played the bass) and Berlian Hutauruk, with Fariz Rustam Munaf and Keenan Nasution on the drums, Debby Nasution on the keyboard, and Yockie Suryoprajogo on both the keyboard and drums.[2]

It was released in 1977 with a picture of Badai Pasti Berlalu actress Christine Hakim on the cover.[2] After stagnating for a week, numerous radio stations began playing the singles and sales increased exponentially.[1]

Track listingEdit

Side 1
1."Pelangi" ("Rainbow")Eros Djarot & Debby NasutionChrisye2:30
2."Merpati Putih" ("White Dove")Eros Djarot & Yockie SoerjoprajogoChrisye2:57
3."Matahari" ("Sun")Eros Djarot & Yockie SoerjoprajogoBerlian Hutauruk3:25
4."Serasa" ("Feels Like")Eros Djarot & ChrisyeChrisye4:41
5."Khayalku" ("My Imagination")Eros Djarot & Debby NasutionChrisye & Berlian Hutauruk3:59
6."Angin Malam" ("The Night Wind")Eros djarot & Debby NasutionChrisye3:53
Side 2
1."Merepih Alam" ("Fragile Nature")Eros Djarot & ChrisyeChrisye4:33
2."Semusim" ("One Season")Eros Djarot & Debby NasutionChrisye & Berlian Hutauruk3:20
3."Baju Pengantin" ("Wedding Dress")Eros Djarot & Yockie SoerjoprajogoChrisye3:16
4."E & C & Y" ("E & C & Y")Eros Djarot, Chrisye, & Yockie SoerjoprajogoInstrumental3:26
5."Cintaku" ("My Love")Eros Djarot & Debby NasutionChrisye3:56
6."Badai Pasti Berlalu" ("The Storm Will Surely Pass")Eros Djarot & Yockie SoerjoprajogoBerlian Hutauruk3:34
7."Merpati Putih" ("White Dove")Eros Djarot & Yockie SoerjoprajogoInstrumental2:42


Although it was originally feared that only die-hard fans would buy a film soundtrack album, Badai Pasti Berlalu sold well and was critically acclaimed; it was called "monumental." [1]


Badai Pasti Berlalu has been called "the start of Indonesian pop"[1] and "the blueprint for Indonesian pop development".[2] It also convinced Amin Widjaja of Musica Studios to sign Chrisye, launching Chrisye's music career.[3]

Rolling Stone Indonesia listed Badai Pasti Berlalu as the best Indonesian album of all time.[4]

Three of the songs included on Badai Pasti Berlalu were listed by Rolling Stone Indonesia as some of the best Indonesian songs of all time. "Badai Pasti Berlalu" was ranked third, "Merpati Putih" was ranked forty-third, and "Merepih Alam" was ranked ninetieth.[5]

1999 remakeEdit

Badai Pasti Berlalu
Studio album by
LabelMusica Studios
ProducerErwin Gutawa
Chrisye chronology
Kala Cinta Menggoda
Badai Pasti Berlalu
Konser Tur 2001

Badai Pasti Berlalu was remade in 1999 by Chrisye, with the songs rearranged by Erwin Gutawa. It cost 800 million Rupiah (US$95,000) to produce and promote, which it made within three months.[6]

1."Cintaku" ("My Love")Chrisye4:41
2."Merepih Alam" ("Fragile Nature")Chrisye4:21
3."Semusim" ("One Season")Chrisye ft. Waldjinah4:47
4."Merpati Putih" ("White Dove")Chrisye4:47
5."Khayalku" ("My Imagination")Chrisye ft. Nicky Astria4:14
6."Baju Pengantin" ("Wedding Dress")Chrisye4:14
7."Serasa" ("It Feels Like")Chrisye6:25
8."Angin Malam" ("The Night Wind")Chrisye4:41
9."Pelangi" ("Rainbow")Chrisye5:25
10."Matahari" ("Sun")Chrisye ft. Aning Katamsi4:32
11."Badai Pasti Berlalu" ("The Storm Will Surely Pass")Chrisye5:28


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