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Bachelor Party Vegas is a comedy film that was released in 2006 starring Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Charlie Spiller, Diora Baird and Donald Faison. In Australia and the UK it was released under the title Vegas Baby.[1]

Bachelor Party Vegas
Directed by Eric Bernt
Produced by Trent Othick
Written by Eric Bernt
Starring Kal Penn
Donald Faison
Jonathan Bennett
Diora Baird
Vincent Pastore
Chuck Liddell
Kathy Griffin
Edited by David Finfer
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
  • April 25, 2006 (2006-04-25)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English



Z-Bob (Penn), Ash (Faison), Eli (Himelstein), Johnny (Spiller) are a group of four guys who take their soon-to-be married best friend Nathan (Bennett) on a memorable trip to Las Vegas. In order to properly bid farewell to their best friend's life as a single man, they must send him out in style with an extravagant bachelor party in Sin City.

Limousines, paint ball, strippers, sex toys, alcohol, debauchery and gambling are on the agenda until they discover that Mr. Kidd (Vincent Pastore), their Bachelor Party Planner, is a bank robber planning to heist the casino setting off a chain of events that turns their night into living hell. Running away from the police, the casino security, and murderous Hell's Angels, the five friends are falsely accused of robbing a casino, stalked by a porn star's prize-fighter boyfriend (Chuck Liddell), mugged by a female Elvis impersonator (Kathy Griffin), arrested, thrown in jail, and survive many other misadventures, until finally, it seems that their own deaths are in the cards.




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