Baby Snakes (soundtrack)

Baby Snakes is the soundtrack to Frank Zappa's film of the same name. It features several of the songs from the film and was originally released as a picture disc.

Baby Snakes
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Live album soundtrack by
ReleasedMarch 28, 1983
RecordedOctober 28–31, 1977
VenueThe Palladium (New York City)
LabelBarking Pumpkin
ProducerFrank Zappa
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Baby Snakes
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The track "Baby Snakes" is the studio recording which appears on Sheik Yerbouti, but omits the opening riff (instead starting at the first verse). All other tracks are live recordings, unique to this album and the film.

Like the Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar set, this LP was originally offered for sale only as a mail order item through Columbia Records' Record Club division in Terre Haute, IN. The LP was later offered to distributors for conventional brick-and-mortar store sales.

Baby Snakes: The Compleat Soundtrack was released to iTunes on December 21, 2012.[2]

Track listingEdit

Side one
1."Intro Rap/Baby Snakes" (CD Edition only)2:22
2."Titties & Beer"6:13
3."The Black Page #2"2:50
4."Jones Crusher"2:53
5."Disco Boy"3:51
Side two
6."Dinah-Moe Humm"6:37
7."Punky's Whips"11:29

AAAFNRAA: Baby Snakes – The Compleat SoundtrackEdit

AAAFNRAA Baby Snakes: The Compleat Soundtrack
Live album soundtrack by
ReleasedDecember 21, 2012 (2012-12-21)
RecordedOctober 28–31, 1977
VenueThe Palladium, New York City
LabelZappa Records
ProducerFrank Zappa
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AAAFNRAA Baby Snakes: The Compleat Soundtrack
Road Tapes, Venue #2

AAAFNRAA Baby Snakes: The Compleat Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack, released to iTunes on Zappa's birthday on December 21, 2012.[2] Of the official releases, it is the only release which is available only as a download.

Its tracks are:

1."Baby Snakes Rehearsal"2:11
2."'This Is the Show They Never See'"5:52
3."Baby Snakes - The Song"2:04
4."Bruce Bickford / 'Disco Outfreakage'"6:15
5."The Poodle Lecture"5:03
6."'She Said' / City of Tiny Lites"10:28
7."New York's Finest Crazy Persons"1:55
8."'The Way the Air Smells…' / Flakes"4:01
9."Pound Bass & Keyboard Solo"6:36
10."'In You' Rap / Dedication"6:47
11."Manuaga / Police Car / Drum Solo"9:45
12."Disco Boy"4:02
13."'Give People Somewhere to X-Scape Thru'"6:26
14."King Kong / Roy's Halloween Gas Mask"9:01
15."Bobby Brown Goes Down"3:43
16."Conehead / 'All You Need to Know'"5:32
17."I'm So Cute / 'Entertainment All the Way'"5:15
18."Titties 'n' Beer"6:19
19."Audience Participation / The Dance Contest"6:36
20."The Black Page#2"2:55
21."Jones Crusher"2:53
22."Broken Hearts Are for Assholes"3:50
23."Punky's Whips"12:10
24."'Thank You' / Dinah-Moe-Humm"7:19
25."Camarillo Brillo"3:26
26."Muffin Man"4:59
27."San Ber'dino"5:02
28."Black Napkins"7:54
29."New York's Finest Crazy Persons 2"4:09
30."'Good Night'"1:22



  • Arranged & Produced by Frank Zappa
  • Engineered & Mixed by Joe Chiccarelli
  • Mastered by Bob Stone
  • Norman Seeff – photography
  • Lynn Goldsmith – photography


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