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Babu Bangaram (English : The Boy is Gold) is a 2016 Indian Telugu action comedy film produced by S. Naga Vamshi, P. D. V. Prasad on Sitara Entertainments banner and directed by Maruthi.[2] Starring Venkatesh, Nayanthara in the lead roles[3][4][5] and music composed by Ghibran.[6]

Babu Bangaaram
Venkatesh-Maruthi Project.jpg
Film poster
Directed byMaruthi
Produced byS. Naga Vamsi
P. D. V. Prasad
S. Radha Krishna
Written byDarling Swamy (dialogues)
Screenplay byMaruthi
Story byMaruthi
Music byGhibran
CinematographyRichard Prasad
Edited byS. B. Uddav
Distributed byHaarika & Hassine Creations
Release date
  • 12 August 2016 (2016-08-12)
Running time
150 mins
Budget28 crore (US$4.1 million)
Box office46.2 crore (US$6.7 million)[1]

The film was launched on 16 December 2015 in Hyderabad and principal photography began the following day.[7][8] The first look poster of the film was released on 7 April 2016 on the eve of Ugadi.[9]

Babu Bangaram obtained a U/A from the censor board.[10] The film had a worldwide release on 12 August 2016 amid much fanfare.[11] The film was simultaneously released with a Tamil dubbed version titled Selvi.[12]



ACP Krishna (Venkatesh) is a kindhearted man who has a lot of empathy even towards criminals. Sailaja (Nayanthara) is the daughter of an accused person named Sastry (Jayaprakash) for a murder, wanted by the police and hiding somewhere. Sailaja runs her family with a catering business and is struggling for her four sisters and grandmother (Sowcar Janaki) on one side. On another side, she is facing an existential threat from Mallesh Yadav (Sampath Raj), a big goon who is a henchman of MLA Puchappa (Posani Krishna Murali), and who both are after Sastry. One more thing that suffers her is Battayi Babji (Prudhviraj), her maternal uncle's son who tortures her every day to marry him.

Once, Krishna meets Sailaja when she is in a sorrow mood. The sympathy inside him works out, and she falls in love with her at first sight. Afterward, he comes to know regarding her problems, and the fact that Sailaja hates the police. Because of this, he hides his identity, targets Babji, traps him with some comic tricks, introduces himself to Sailaja as a common man with Babji's help, and starts helping her and her family. In this process, they develop a bond, and Sailaja also starts loving him. However, Krishna's real agenda is completely different. He has been appointed by the commissioner (Murali Sharma) to catch Sailaja father Sastry. That is why he had made this entire plan.

Meanwhile, Sailaja's grandmother collapses from a heart attack and wants to see her son Sastry, Krishna forces Sailaja to call her father. By giving an assurance, he makes her do so. However, his actual motive is to catch him. Sastry visits the hospital. When Krishna tries to arrest him, he listens to the good impression that Sailaja and her family are having on him, so he is not able to arrest him. Suddenly a CI (Brahmaji), who is an assistant to Krishna, enters the scene, surrounds Sastry, and reveals the entire truth regarding Krishna. Sastry escapes from there but is suddenly attacked by goons of Puchappa and Mallesh. He is seriously injured and goes into a coma. Krishna protects him and joins in the hospital, but when Sailaja comes to know Krishna's real motive, she starts hating him and asks him to never show his face. Things get upset between the couple, and they break up with each other.

Soon after, Krishna starts a serious investigation to explore the hidden truth in which he comes to know that Sastry is an income tax officer. In a raid at Puchappa's house, he and his superior officer get a pendrive, which contains life secrets of Puchappa and Mallesh. The superior officer tries make a deal with Mallesh. Knowing this, Sastry keeps the pendrive under wrap. Because of this, Puchappa and Mallesh kill the superior officer, put the blame on Sastry, and they are behind the pendrive and his family.

The rest of the story is all about how Krishna protects Sailaja's family, proves her father's innocence, catches the culprits, and gets back his love.



Babu Bangaram
Film score by
  • 24 July 2016 (2016-07-24)
LabelAditya Music
Ghibran chronology
Thoongaa Vanam
Babu Bangaram

The music was composed by Ghibran. It's released by Aditya music company. The audio launch was held in Hyderabad on 24 July 2016. Top industry celebrities like Dasari Narayana Rao, Nani, Lavanya Tripathi etc., have attended the function.[14]


Babu Bangaram (Soundtrack)
1."Mallela Vaanala"Ramajogayya SastryNaresh Iyer4:05
2."Snehithudo"Sri ManiRanjith4:07
3."Dhandame Ettukuntam"BhaskarbhatlaGold Devaraj4:08
4."Dhillunna Vade"Sri ManiDhanunjay,Ramee3:07
5."Raaka Raaka"Ramajogayya SastryChinmayi , Yazin Nizar4:15
6."Tikku Tikkantu"Kasarla ShyamNarendra,Uma Neha1:42
7."Babu Bangaram"Theme MusicShabir3:14
Total length:25:01


Selvi (Soundtrack)
1."Malligai Pandhale"SorkkoJagadeesh Kumar4:03
2."Snehidano Sevagano"A.M.Ratnam, Siva GaneshRanjith4:06
3."Thangame"Arun BharathiGold Devaraj4:07
4."Dil Irundha Vaada"Meenatchi SundaramDhanunjay, Vallavan3:07
5."Kaadil Kaadil"VivekaYazin Nizar, Hari Priya4:13
6."Tip Top"Lokam BharathiGold Devaraj, Hemambiga1:43
Total length:25:01


12 August 2016 was announced as the worldwide release date.[15] In 2017, it was dubbed into Hindi as Revolver Raja.[16]


The film has opened to some decent reviews all over. Noted website, 123telugu has rated the film 3.25 stars and quoted that "Venkatesh is the heart of the film which is a complete time pass family entertainer".[17]

Box officeEdit

Babu Bangaram collected approximately $177,045 from 97 screens at the U.S. box office in the premiere shows on Thursday.[citation needed] This is the highest collection for a movie featuring Venkatesh and "Babu Bangaram" has become the biggest opener for him.[citation needed] The movie has shattered the record of "Race Gurram", which collected $102,782 at the U.S. premieres.[citation needed] Its collection is on par with that of Allu Arjun's "Sarainodu", which collected $190,679 from 95 locations at paid preview shows in the U.S.[citation needed]


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