Tejinder "Babbu" Maan (born 29 March 1975) is an Indian singer-songwriter, music director, actor and film producer.[3] Most of his artistic work focuses on Punjabi music and films. He is recognised among the biggest artists in Punjabi music.

Babbu Maan
Maan launching "Baarish Ke Bahaane"
Maan launching "Baarish Ke Bahaane"
Background information
Born (1975-03-29) 29 March 1975 (age 46)
Khant Maanpur, Punjab, India[1][2]
GenresFolk, Bhangra, Pop, Ghazals
  • Singer
  • lyricist
  • music director
  • actor
  • producer
  • screenwriter
Years active1997–present
LabelsCatrack, T-Series, Point Zero, Eros International, Swag Music, Speed Records, Zee Music Company, Sony Music
Associated acts

He has crazy fan following in Punjab from many years which no other Punjabi artist has.

Early life

Maan was raised in Khant Maanpur in the Fatehgarh Sahib district of Punjab, India.[3]


Maan performing live in 2010

Maan's main target audience is the Punjabi-speaking population of the world. Since 1999, he has released eight studio albums and six compilation albums; has written screenplays for, acted in and produced Punjabi films; and has contributed significantly to regional and Bollywood film soundtracks. Maan is the ambassador for One Hope, One Chance, a non-profit organisation based out of Punjab.[4]


Babbu Maan recorded his first album Sajjan Rumaal De Geya in 1997[3] but revised and re-released most of the songs in his subsequent albums. Maan's first official debut album Tu Meri Miss India was released in 1999.[5][6]

In 2001, Babbu Maan released his third album Saaun Di Jhadi,[6][7] featuring songs such as Chan Chanani, Raat Guzarlayi, Dil Ta Pagal Hai, Ishq, Kabza and Touch Wood, and in 2003, he wrote and sang for his first film soundtrack Hawayein where he worked alongside Indian playback singers Sukhwinder Singh and Jaspinder Narula. Maan released his fourth album Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan in 2004, followed by Pyaas in 2005, one of the best-selling Punjabi albums of the time.[8] In 2007, Maan released his first Hindi album entitled Mera Gham, and in 2009, his first religious album Singh Better Than King.[8] A song from the latter, Baba Nanak, a reaction to fake saints and preachers in Punjab, caused various debates about the growing phenomenon in the state.[9] In 2010 he won "Best International Artist" at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards.[10]

On 4 July 2013, Maan released Talaash: In Search Of Soul, his first Punjabi commercial album after eight years.[8][4] The album entered top 10 in World Albums chart by Billboard.[11] In 2015, the album named Itihaas was released and in 2018 Ik C Pagal was released.

In addition to Hawayein, Babbu Maan has sung in Punjabi films Waagah and Dil Tainu Karda Ae Pyar as well as for Bollywood productions Vaada Raha, Crook, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster, Titoo MBA, and 31st October.

Babbu Maan has performed in shows across Asia, Australasia,[12] Europe,[13][14] North America and the Middle East. In 2014, Maan was a winner of four World Music Awards: World's Best Indian Male Artist, World's Best Indian Live Act, World's Best Indian Entertainer and World's Best Indian Album for Talaash: In Search of Soul.[15]

Maan also won two daf BAMA Music Awards Germany in 2017.


Babbu Maan debuted in a supporting role in Hawayein,[3] a 2003 film based on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Although banned in India, the film was a success overseas.[citation needed] In 2006, Maan starred in his first Punjabi film as the main lead in Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean. Dissatisfied with certain scenes and the fate of the film, Maan returned to form in 2008 with Hashar (A Love Story).[16][17][18] He has since written, produced and acted in his own films Ekam,[9][18][19] Hero Hitler in Love[3][20][12] and Desi Romeos.[21] Babbu Maan is a partner in Maan Films Pvt. Ltd,[3] and in 2010, constructed a film set called Ishqpura in his native village. In 2018, he acted in the film Banjara which is based on the life of truck drivers.


Studio albums

Year Album Record Label Music Director Lyrics
1998 Sajjan Rumal De Geya Catrack Surinder Bachan Babbu Maan
1999 Tu Meri Miss India
2001 Saaun Di Jhadi T-Series Jaidev Kumar
2004[citation needed] Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan Babbu Maan
2005 Pyass: In Search of Destiny
2007 Mera Gham Point Zero
2009 Singh Better Than King
2013 Talaash: In Search Of Soul Swag Music
2015 Itihaas
2018 Ik C Pagal[citation needed]
2020 Pagal Shayar


Year Album Song Music Record label
1997 N/A Chor Babbu Maan N/A
1997 N/A Lareyan De Naal Babbu Maan N/A
2008 Aao Saare Nachiye Sardar Babbu Maan Point Zero
2009 Aao Saare Nachiye 2 Uchiyan Imartan Babbu Maan Point Zero
2009 Aao Saare Nachiye 2 Aashquan Di Line Babbu Maan Point Zero
2011 Aao Saare Nachiye 4 Sari Duniya Babbu Maan Point Zero
2013 Talaash: In Search of Soul Mil Gayi Pind De Morh Te Babbu Maan Swag Music
2013 Aah Chak 2013 Singh Babbu Maan Swag Music
2014 Aah Chak 2014 Maa Boli Babbu Maan Swag Music
2014 Aah Chak 2014 Chamkila Jatt Band (Babbu Maan) Swag Music
2014 N/A Canada Canada Babbu Maan Swag Music
2014 N/A 21st Century Saadh Babbu Maan Swag Music
2014 N/A America America Babbu Maan Swag Music
2014 Mera Gham 2 Khat Babbu Maan Swag Music
2015 Aah Chak 2015 License Babbu Maan Swag Music
2015 N/A E Doye Naina Babbu Maan Swag Music
2016 Aah Chak 2016 Murgi Babbu Maan Swag music
2016 31 October Umeed ( Reprise Version ) Vijay Verma Zee Music Company
2016 N/A Jogiya Babbu Maan Swag Music
2017 Aah Chak 2017 Rally Babbu Maan Swag Music
2017 Ik C Pagal Mehndi Babbu Maan Swag Music
2017 Ik C Pagal Gorgeous Babbu Maan Swag Music
2017 N/A Barish k Bahane D.J Sheizwood Zee Music Company
2017 N/A Telefoon Babbu Maan Hey Yolo & Swag Music
2017 N/A Samundar Babbu Maan Hey Yolo & Swag Music
2018 Aah Chak 2018 Mere Fan Babbu Maan Swag Music
2018 N/A Teri Yaad aati hai dj Sheizwood Venus
2019 Aah Chak 2019 Chandigarh Babbu Maan Hey yolo Music
2019 N/A Dard Babbu Maan T-Series (company)
2020 N/A Tera Fan Babbu Maan Navrattan Music
2021 Pagal Shayar Adab Punjabi Babbu Maan Swag Music
2021 N/A Barsaat Babbu Maan Swag Music
2021 N/A Babe Da Khooh Babbu Maan Swag Music
2021 N/A Dhuan (Social Track) Babbu Maan Swag Music
2021 N/A Ishqpura (Version 1) Babbu Maan Swag Music
2021 N/A Ishqpura (Version 2 ft. Muhammad Sadiq (singer)) Babbu Maan Swag Music


Year Film Actor Producer Singer Music Director Lyricist screenWriter Notes
2003 Khel – No Ordinary Game Yes Yes Bollywood
2003 Hawayein Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Debut Hindi/Punjabi film
2006 Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2007 Waagah Yes Yes Punjabi
2008 Hashar : A Love Story Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2009 Vaada Raha Yes Yes Yes Bollywood
2010 Ekam – Son of Soil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2010 Crook Yes Yes Bollywood
2011 Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster Yes Yes Bollywood
2011 Hero Hitler in Love Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2012 Desi Romeos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2012 Dil Tainu Karda Hai Pyar Yes Yes Punjabi
2014 Baaz Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2016 31st October Yes Bollywood
2018 Banjara Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi


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