Ba Saw Nyo (Burmese: ဘစောညို, pronounced [ba̰ sɔ́ ɲò]; also known as Muhammad Shah; 1435–1494) was king of Arakan from 1492 to 1494. He came to power in 1492 after his nephew King Dawlya had died after a failed military expedition. He made Dawlya's mother and his sister-in-law Saw Nandi his chief queen. He faced a serious mutiny by an officer, which was put down. He died of natural causes soon after.[1]

Ba Saw Nyo
Muhammad Shah (မဟာမောသျှာ)
King of Arakan
Reignc. February 1492 – c. January 1494
SuccessorRan Aung
Born1435 (Sunday born)
Diedc. January 1494 (aged 58)[1]
ConsortSaw Nandi
Min Gahna
IssueSaw Shin Saw
MotherSaw Pa-Ba[2]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


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Ba Saw Nyo
Born: 1435 Died: c. January 1494
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Mrauk-U
c. February 1492 – c. January 1494
Succeeded by