Ba Đồn

Ba Đồn is a town (thị xã) in Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam. The town is equal to a huyện and is located on National Route 1A, about 40 km north of the provincial capital, Đồng Hới. The township is the commercial and service centre serving surrounding rural areas. Ba Đồn was incorporated into a 3rd municipality (town or thị xã) including some neighboring communes of Quảng Trạch District on December 20, 2013.[1]

Ba Đồn

Thị xã Ba Đồn
Ba Đồn Town
Ba Đồn is located in Vietnam
Ba Đồn
Ba Đồn
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 17°45′17″N 106°25′23″E / 17.75472°N 106.42306°E / 17.75472; 106.42306
Country Vietnam
ProvinceQuảng Bình
 • Total63 sq mi (162 km2)
 • Total134,000
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indochina Time)

Ba Đồn has an area of 163.1828 km2 and its population in 2013 was 115,196. In 2012, Ba Đồn was recognised as a class IV municipality.[2]

Administrative subdivisionsEdit

Ba Don Town includes 6 urban wards (phường):

  1. Ba Đồn
  2. Quảng Thọ
  3. Quảng Long
  4. Quảng Thuận
  5. Quảng Phong
  6. Quảng Phúc

10 rural communes ():

  1. Quảng Minh
  2. Quảng Sơn
  3. Quảng Thủy
  4. Quảng Hòa
  5. Quảng Lộc
  6. Quảng Văn
  7. Quảng Tân
  8. Quảng Trung
  9. Quảng Tiên
  10. Quảng Hải


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