BRP Cabra (MRRV-4409)

BRP Cabra (MRRV-4409) is the eighth ship of the Parola-class patrol vessels of the Philippine Coast Guard.

Name: BRP Cabra
Namesake: Cabra Island Lighthouse located in Cabra Island, Lubang, Occidental Mindoro
Ordered: 29 May 2015
Builder: Japan Marine United, Yokohama, Japan
Completed: January 2018
Status: Sea Trials
General characteristics
Class and type: Parola-class patrol vessel
Length: 44.5 m (146 ft)
Beam: 7.5 m (25 ft)
Draft: 4 m (4.0 m)
  • 2 × MTU 12V4000M93L 12-cylinder diesel engines,
  • Total diesel engine output: 3,460 shp (2,580 kW)
Speed: Maximum @ 25 knots (46 km/h), cruising 15 knots (28 km/h)
Range: 1,500 nautical miles (2,800 km)
Boats & landing
craft carried:
1 × RHIB work boat
Complement: 25 (5 officers, 20 enlisted)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Furuno FAR series X & S-band navigation radars

Design and featuresEdit

The Philippine Coast Guard clarified that the ship is a law enforcement vessel and is designed to conduct environmental and humanitarian missions, as well as maritime security operations and patrol missions.[1]

The ship was designed with a bulletproof navigation bridge, and is equipped with fire monitors, night vision capability, a work boat, and radio direction finder capability.[2]

The ship will be equipped with communications and radio monitoring equipment from Rohde & Schwarz, specifically the M3SR Series 4400 and Series 4100 software-defined communication radios, and DDF205 radio monitoring equipment. These equipment enhances the ship's reconnaissance, pursuit and communications capabilities.[3]

Construction, delivery and commissioningEdit

BRP Cabra underwent sea trials in Yokohama, Japan and was commissioned into service on March 28, 2018, together with the BRP Cape San Agustin (MRRV-4408).[4]

Operational historyEdit

In April 2018, the BRP Cabra was sent to Boracay in Caticlan to conduct Maritime Patrols around the world-famous island for the duration of its six-month closure that started on April 26, 2018.[5]

In September 2018, the BRP Cabra along with its sister ship the BRP Sindangan (MRRV-4407)[6] and the Philippine Navy vessels BRP Nestor Reinoso (PG-380) and BRP Benguet (LS-507) secured the BRP Gregorio del Pilar (FF-15), which ended up being grounded at the Hasa-Hasa Shoal (also known as the Half Moon Shoal) in the South China Sea. The BRP Gregorio del Pilar was eventually pulled out from the shoal a couple of days later.[7]


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