BHT1 is a Bosnian national public mainstream TV channel operated by Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT). The channel broadcasts on a daily basis for 20 hours in one of the two alphabets (Bosnian Latin alphabet and Bosnian Cyrillic alphabet). This television channel broadcasts a variety of programmes such as news, talk shows, documentaries, sports, movies, mosaic, children's programs, etc.[1] BHT1 also broadcasts teletext services (TXT BHT1).

BHT 1 logo.png
Logo used until 2012 and again from June 2016
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Broadcast areaBosnia and Herzegovina
AffiliatesBH Radio 1 and MP BHRT
SloganJedan za sve. (One for all.)
Picture format16:9 576i (SDTV)
16:9 1080i (HDTV)
OwnerBosnia and Herzegovina
Key peopleMuhamed Bakarević (head of BHT1)
Launched13 August 2004 (2004-08-13)
Former namesRTV Sarajevo (1961–1992)
RTV BiH (tvbih) (1991–1995)
BHT (1995–1998)
PBS BiH (BHTV1) (1998–2004)
Terrestrial signalMore than 97% territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina
TelemachChannel 002
Blic.netChannel 002
M&H CompanyChannel 005
MISS.NETChannel 006
BHB CABLE TVChannel 013
Moja TVChannel 031
SUPER TVChannel 001
Open IPTV (BiH)Channel 002
Bosna TVChannel 007
TotalTVChannel 001
Logo of BHT1 used from 2012 until June 2016.

Current line-upEdit

News programmeEdit

  • Dnevnik - main news in 12:00 and 19:00
  • Vijesti - news, runs in 07:00, 10:00, around 14:00, and around 22:00
  • Regionalni dnevnik - (Regional news) local news from Bosnian major cities (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Bihać, Zenica,...)
  • Jutro za sve - (Morning For All), morning programme
  • BHT1 Uživo (BHT1 Live), programme about discussing current topics with guests
  • Govor tišine - (Speech of silence), weekly review from other TV shows (like news) that are broadcast in sign language
  • Global - magazine about world news, business and politics
  • Euroimpuls - programme dedicated to Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union
  • Agro-Ekologija - (Agroecology), news from around the world in terms of ecology
  • TV Liberty

Talk showsEdit

  • Jedan - (One), interview with various guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Music and EntertainmentEdit

  • Inbox - magazine about music and entertainment
  • Konačno petak! - (Finally Friday!), live entertainment show, hosted by famous bh. television anchor Maja Miralem
  • BH gastro kutak - (BH gastro corner) cooking show with guests who prepare traditional Bosnian cuisine
  • BHRT Top 15 - weekly top 15 show of the latest song hits from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BHRT Plesna lista - (BHRT Dance List), weekly top 15 show of the latest dance hits from around the world
  • Narodni studio - (Folk Studio), music programme about the latest folksong hits
  • Corner - music show where the MP BHRT band perform covers of well-known domestic and worldwide hits along with a guest
  • Tamburaši i Vi - (Tambourines and You), music show where the MP BHRT Tambourine Orchestra perform covers of well-known folksongs along with a guest

Sports programmeEdit

  • BHT Sport - sport news
  • Matches of Bosnian basketball clubs
  • Matches of Bosnian handball clubs

Documentary programmeEdit

  • Putevi zdravlja - (Ways of Health), magazine about health, herbs, beauty and wellness
  • Smanji gas! - (Slow Down!), TV show dedicated to news from the auto industry, auto show, advice on car maintenance and stories about Bosnian auto racing
  • Nova avantura - (New Adventure), documentary show in which natural curiosities and geological research are presented
  • Potrošački smjer - (Consumer Way), TV show about consumer rights
  • Identiteti - (Identities), TV show about national minorities

Culture programmeEdit

Children's programmeEdit

  • Frenderi - educational show with multiple seasons about: the geography of Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina, traffic, letters of the alphabet, numbers, and protecting the environment
  • Domaća Zadaća - (Homework) - special educational series
  • Terminal 26 - computer science magazine
  • Prijatelji životinja - (Friends of Animals), magazine about animals
  • Roditeljski sastanak - (Parental Meeting), family magazine
  • Uradi Sam, Uradi Sama - (Do It Yourself)
  • Lubenica - (Watermelon)
  • Latif i Mravko Travko
  • BHT Slagalica - (BHT Puzzle)
  • Mini school
  • Dileme - (Dilemmas), a dialogue show where young people and professionals discuss about challenges everyone faces every day
  • Dinousaur Train - in Bosnian: "Voz Dinosaura", dubbed
  • old Yugoslav children's shows such as: Mak i Zak (Mac & Zack), Nedeljni Zabavnik (Sunday Entertainer), etc.

Foreign seriesEdit

  • Kayip - in Bosnian: "Druga strana istine"
  • Filinta bir osmanli polisiyesi - in Bosnian: "Filinta"
  • Beautiful Beijing - in Bosnian: "Taj divni Peking", documentary show about Beijing
  • Deutsche Welle shows Tomorrow Today and Shift
  • Other foreign documentaries and movies that appear from time to time
  • Old Yugoslav movies that also appear from time to time

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