B.I.G (band)

B.I.G (Korean비아이지; also known as Boys In Groove), is a four member South Korean boy group formed by GH Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea.[1] They debuted on July 9, 2014, with their first digital single "Hello".[2]

B.I.G (비아이지)
From left to right: Benji (former), Gunmin, J-Hoon, Heedo, Minpyo (former).
From left to right: Benji (former), Gunmin, J-Hoon, Heedo, Minpyo (former).
Background information
Also known asBoys In Groove
OriginSeoul, South Korea
Years active2014 (2014)–present
  • GH Entertainment
  • HY Entertainment
Associated actsTriple 7 (supergroup)
  • J-Hoon
  • Gunmin
  • Heedo
  • Jinseok
Past members
  • Benji
  • Minpyo



All five members of B.I.G were trainees before becoming members of the group and have an average of three years training between them. Three of the group's members: Gunmin, Minpyo and Heedo, trained at the Plug In Music Academy.[3] Benji had previously been a student at Cleveland Institute of Music and Heifetz International Music Institute,[4] and later attended Juilliard School, before dropping out in 2011 to pursue a music career in South Korea.[5] He has been playing violin since he was four years of age and was a member of the Seattle Youth Symphony. Before joining GH Entertainment, Minpyo had been a Stardom Entertainment trainee and member of Topp Dogg's trainee group, Underdogg. Before debuting the members practiced together as a group for one and a half years.

2014: Debut with "Hello" and "Are You Ready?"Edit

On July 5, just days before B.I.G's debut, the group took to the streets of Myeongdong to perform.[6] B.I.G's debut single, "Hello", and accompanying music video were released on July 9.[7] The song garnered attention because of its high praising lyrics in regards to South Korea which highlight the culture and promote the country.[8] The group performed their debut stage on SBS MTV's The Show on the day of their debut.

On October 16, B.I.G confirmed their second single, "Are You Ready?"'s upcoming release.[9] The single was released on October 21.[10] The group began promotions from October 22, with their comeback stage on MBC Music's Show Champion.[11]

On December 12, B.I.G released their rendition of Wham!'s "Last Christmas" to thank their fans and celebrate their first Christmas as a group.[12]

2015: "Between Night n Music" and "Taola"Edit

B.I.G announced their third single, "Between Night n Music", on March 3, accompanied by a selection of individual and group teasers images.[13] The new single and accompanying music video were released on March 6.[14]

On November 4, GH Entertainment announced that B.I.G would be joining the long list of November comebacks.[15] The single, Big Transformer, including the title track "Taola" was released on November 19.[16]

2016: Japanese debut and AphroditeEdit

GH Entertainment confirmed in late January that B.I.G were preparing for their upcoming Japanese debut, with management from HY Entertainment.[17] The group began promoting in Japan by holding showcases in Tokyo before their debut to help them become known.[18] They officially debuted on March 23, with the Japanese version of "Taola", which peaked at number 15 on the Oricon weekly singles chart.[19]

On May 10, B.I.G announced that their first mini-album, Aphrodite, would be released later that month.[20] The mini-album and accompanying music video for title track of the same name, were released on May 17.[21] Promotions for the album began on release day with a showcase on SBS MTV's The Show.

B.I.G held their first Japanese concerts, B.I.G Japan First Live, on June 17 and 18 at Harajuku's Astro Hall in Tokyo.[22]

2017: "1.2.3" and Hello HelloEdit

On February 3, 2017, B.I.G announced their return with the fifth single, "1.2.3".[23] The single entitled "B.I.G Rebirth" was released on February 13.[24] The group promoted the single without rapper Minpyo, who was taking a break due to health problems.[25]

On May 15, B.I.G announced their sixth single, Hello Hello, would be released of May 23.[26] B.I.G held their first concert in South Korea entitled B.I.G Asia Tour in Seoul, on June 24, at the KBS Arena in Seoul.[27] On July 5, B.I.G introduced a campaign song entitled "Remember", they released the digital single on July 7.[28] In September B.I.G embarked or their first tour of Asia named The B.I.Ginning in which they played venues in Manila and Yokohama.[29] Later that month they conducted their first overseas tour, the B.I.G Special Latin Tour, in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.[30]

2018–present: Addition of new member, Illusion, member departuresEdit

On November 15, 2018, the group's leader J-Hoon enlisted in the military.[31]

On January 19, 2019, Jinseok was added to the group.[31]

On November 4, the group released their seventh single, Illusion, in both Korean and Arabic, making them the first K-pop group to release a song in the language.[32]

On September 30, Benji's contract with GH Entertainment ended and it was later announced that he had left the group.[33]

On March 31, 2021, Minpyo's contract with GH Entertainment came to an end and it was later announced that he had left the group after choosing not to renew.[34]



  • J-Hoon (제이훈) — leader, vocalist[35]
  • Gunmin (건민) — vocalist, dancer[35]
  • Heedo (희도) — rapper[35]
  • Jinseok (진석) — vocalist[35]


  • Benji (벤지) — vocalist[35]
  • Minpyo (민표) — rapper[35]


Extended playsEdit

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Track listing
  1. Big Transformer
  2. Aphrodite (아프로디테)
  3. Taola (타올라)
  4. Right Now
  5. Can You Hear Me (듣고 있니)
  6. Take You Home (데려다 줄게)

Single albumsEdit

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Hello Hello
  • Released: May 23, 2017
  • Label: GH Entertainment, CJ E&M
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. Hello Hello
  2. Strange (낯설어)
  3. 1.2.3
  4. Duet (듀엣) Benji & Heyne
25 N/A
  • Released: November 4, 2019
  • Label: GH Entertainment, CJ E&M
  • Formats: CD, digital download


Title Year Peak chart
"Hello" (안녕하세요) 2014 Non-album singles
"Are You Ready?" (준비됐나요)
"Between Night n Music" (밤과 음악 사이) 2015
"Taola" (타올라) 15 Aphrodite
"Aphrodite" (아프로디테) 2016
"1.2.3" 2017 Hello Hello
"Hello Hello"
"Illusion" 2019 Illusion
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Promotional singlesEdit

Year Title
2014 "Last Christmas"
2017 "Remember" (기억할게요)

Soundtrack appearancesEdit

Year Title Drama
2016 "Hey Girl" Moorim School OST


Reality showsEdit

Year Network Title Note(s)
2017 MBC Music B.I.G Project 4 Episodes.[41]


Music videosEdit

Year Title Director(s)
2014 "Hello" Un­known
"Are You Ready?"
2015 "Between Night n Music"
"Taola" Digipedi[42]
2016 "Aphrodite" Vikings League[43]
"Take You Home" Un­known
2017 "1.2.3" Vikings League
"Hello Hello" Un­known
2019 "Illusion"


In 2014, B.I.G were appointed ambassadors of the 2014 "Love Life while Walking Overnight" campaign and the 2014 Lifeline campaign.[44][45] On March 15, 2016, the group became ambassadors for the National Unification Advisory Council.[46] In 2017, the group was appointed ambassadors for the Korea Youth Association, the Seoul VA Regional Office and the Hope Apple Tree Youth Project.[47][48][28]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Award ceremony Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards 2014 New Artist Award B.I.G Won [49]


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