Bārta (in Latvian), also named Bartuva (in Lithuanian), is a river in western Lithuania and Latvia. It originates in the Plungė district, 3 km to north of Lake Plateliai. The Bārta flows in a northwesterly direction, passing through the Skuodas district and the city of Skuodas, before entering Latvia. The Bārta flows into Liepāja lake, which is connected with the Baltic Sea. In its upper courses the valley formed by the Bārta is deep and narrow, while in its lower courses it is much wider.

Bārta / Bartuva
Bartuva in Latvia.jpg
Bārta in Latvia
CountryLithuania and Latvia
Physical characteristics
 • locationPlungė district
 • location
Liepāja lake
Length103 km (64 mi)
(56 km in Lithuania; 47 km in Latvia)
Basin size2,016 km2 (778 sq mi)
(980 km2 in Lithuania; 1036 km2 in Latvia)
 • average11.1 m3/s (390 cu ft/s)

Bārta's main tributaries are the Eiškūnas, Erla, Luoba, Apšė, Vārtāja.

The etymology of the name Bārta/Bartuva is unclear. Kazimieras Būga it derived from the Baltic tribe name Bartians. Another version is that it is archaic name which may be connected to Old Russian бара ('puddle'), Ukrainian: бар ('damp place between hills'), Illyrian *bar(b)- ('puddle').[1]

Coordinates: 56°24′59″N 21°03′04″E / 56.41639°N 21.05111°E / 56.41639; 21.05111


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