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Bülach Observatoy (German: Sternwarte Bülach) is a public astronomical observatory near Bülach, canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

Sternwarte Bülach
Sternwarte Bülach.JPG
Alternative namesSternwarte Bulach Edit this at Wikidata
OrganizationAstronomische Gesellschaft Zürcher Unterland
Observatory code167
LocationEschenmosen, Bülach, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
Coordinates47°31.173′N 8°34.239′E / 47.519550°N 8.570650°E / 47.519550; 8.570650Coordinates: 47°31.173′N 8°34.239′E / 47.519550°N 8.570650°E / 47.519550; 8.570650
Altitude550 metres (1,800 ft)
Bülach Observatory is located in Switzerland
Bülach Observatory
Location of Sternwarte Bülach

The school and public observatory Bülach offers a generous infrastructure for guided tours, classes and astronomical meetings. At the heart of the spacious roof terrace is the big "twin telescope" with mirror diameters of 85 and 50 cm. The '85 is a pure Cassegrain telescope with a focal length of 7.8 m. The other telescope can be converted from Cassegrain in Newton configuration. Here are focal lengths from 10 to 15 m (Cassegrain) and 2.5 m (Newton) is reached. In this arrangement, the Bülacher telescope is unique in Switzerland in its design.[1]

Foundation School and Public Observatory BülachEdit

The financial wearer and owner of the observatory Bülach is the foundation school and public observatory Bülach. The Board of Trustees consists of five members and meets once a year. The Board of Trustees Gerold Hildebrandt, president of the foundation school and public observatory Bülach Felix Schäpper, Treasurer Thomas Baer, director of education and public observatory Bülach Arnold Benz, Astronomical Institute of the ETH Zurich Felix Angst, Rector Zurich North Canton School (KZN).[1]


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