B'rith Sholom

The Independent Order Brith Sholom (Hebrew: "Covenant of Peace") is a Jewish fraternal organization,[1] founded in 1905 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to the Jewish Communal Register of New York City, 1917-1918, in that year, Brith Sholom had 378 lodges nationwide that included 52,596 members, and had 88 lodges in New York City alone, including 15,000 members.[2] The average annual cost to members was $16.[2]

Independent Order Brith Sholom
Founded1905; 118 years ago (1905)

In 1940, its membership numbered 15,000.[3]

An active chapter still exists in Cherry Hill, NJ https://www.chbs966.com[4]


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