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Azriel Chaikin (Hebrew עזריאל חייקין ; born USSR, 1938) is a Brussels-based leader of the Chabad movement of Judaism in Ukraine. In 2003, he was proclaimed chief rabbi by dozens of Chabad rabbis working for the Chabad Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine.[1][2]

Azriel Chaikin
Azriel Haikin at Hannukah Menorah in Hyatt, Kyiv, 2007.jpg
Azriel Haikin lighting Menorah at Hanukkah, Kiev, 8 December 2007
OccupationChief Rabbi, Chabad movement in Ukraine and recognized halakhic authority
TitleChief Rabbi of Ukraine


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  2. ^ Singer, David; Grossman, Lawrence (2006). American Jewish Year Book 2006. p. 530. Since 2003, another Chabad rabbi, the Brussels-based Azriel Haikin, had been accepted as chief rabbi by the FJC rabbis. Yet another Orthodox rabbi, Ya'akov Dov Bleich, had served as Ukraine's chief rabbi since the early 1990s.