Azaz District

Azaz District (Arabic: منطقة أعزاز, romanizedmanṭiqat A'zāz) is a district of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. The administrative centre is the city of Azaz. At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 251,769.[1]

Azaz District
منطقة أعزاز
Azaz District in Syria
Location of Azaz District within Aleppo Governorate
Azaz District is located in Syria
Azaz District
Azaz District
Location in Syria
Coordinates (Azaz): 36°21′N 37°02′E / 36.35°N 37.03°E / 36.35; 37.03
Country Syria
Subdistricts6 nawāḥī
 • Total1,259.96 km2 (486.47 sq mi)
The administrative center of Azaz Subdistrict shown above is the city of Azaz.
The administrative center of Tell Rifaat Subdistrict shown above is the city of Tell Rifaat.
The administrative center of Nubl Subdistrict shown above is the city of Nubl.
The administrative center of Mare' Subdistrict shown above is the city of Mare'.
The administrative center of Sawran Subdistrict shown above is the city of Sawran.
The administrative center of Akhtarin Subdistrict shown above is the city of Akhtarin.

The district lies between Afrin District to the west, Mount Simeon District to the south and al-Bab District to the east. To the north is the Kilis Province of Turkey.


Subdistricts of Azaz District
PCode Name Area Population Villages Seat
SY020400 Azaz Subdistrict 180.12 km2 47,570 20 Azaz
SY020401 Akhtarin Subdistrict 341.78 km2 39,385 43 Akhtarin
SY020402 Tell Rifaat Subdistrict 204.52 km2 43,781 13 Tell Rifaat
SY020403 Mare' Subdistrict 191.42 km2 39,306 18 Mare'
SY020404 Nubl Subdistrict 174.79 km2 51,948 12 Nubl
SY020405 Sawran Subdistrict 167.32 km2 30,032 18 Sawran


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