Azam Taleghani (Persian: اعظم طالقانی‎; 1943 – 30 October 2019) was an Iranian politician and journalist who was the head of the Society of Islamic Revolution Women of Iran,[2] editor of Payam Hajar Weekly, and a member of the Iranian parliament.[3]

Azam Taleghani
Azam Taleghani.jpg
Member of the Parliament of Iran
In office
28 May 1980 – 28 May 1984
ConstituencyTehran, Rey and Shemiranat
Majority1,108,653 (51.9%)
Personal details
Tehran, Iran
Died30 October 2019(2019-10-30) (aged 75–76)
Tehran, Iran
Political partyWomen Association of Islamic Revolution[1]
Other political
Council of Nationalist-Religious Activists of Iran
ChildrenMorteza Eghtesad (died 2017)
FatherMahmoud Taleghani
RelativesVahideh Taleghani (sister)

Born in Iran, Taleghani was the daughter of Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani. She served time in prison during the Pahlavi regime.[4] After the Iranian Revolution she was a member of the Iranian parliament, founded "Jame'e Zanan Mosalman" (Society of Muslim women), and published Payam e Hajar Weekly, an Islamic journal about women and women's rights.[3] In 2003 she protested against the death of Zahra Kazemi.[2][5] Both in 2001 and 2009, Taleghani submitted her candidacy for Iran's presidential elections, but, like all women's candidacies, her candidacy was rejected by Iran's Guardian Council .[6][7]

Her political ideals espoused a "progressive brand of revolutionary Islamism."[8]

Electoral historyEdit

Year Election Votes % Rank Notes
1979 Assembly of Experts 132,430 5.24 17th Lost[9]
1980 Parliament 1,108,653 51.9 16th Won[10]
1997 President N/A Disqualified[11]
1999 City Council of Tehran Disqualified[11]
2001 President Disqualified[12]
2005 President Disqualified[11]
2009 President Disqualified[13]
2017 President Disqualified[13]


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