Azad Kooh

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Azad Kooh (Persian: آزاد کوه‎) is one of the highest peaks in the central Alburz Range in Mazandaran province north of Iran. In Persian Kooh means mountain and Azad means free, so Azad Kooh can be translated to The Free Mountain. This name is probably chosen by local people because of Azad Kooh's cone like shape and the fact that it is not connected to its surrounding peaks.

Azad Kooh
Azad Kooh
Highest point
Elevation4,355 m (14,288 ft) [1]
Coordinates36°10′N 51°30′E / 36.167°N 51.500°E / 36.167; 51.500Coordinates: 36°10′N 51°30′E / 36.167°N 51.500°E / 36.167; 51.500
Azad Kooh is located in Iran
Azad Kooh
Azad Kooh
Parent rangeAlburz
Easiest routeKalaak-e-Baalaa
Azad Kooh Summit
Azad Kooh Summit, Mazandaran, Iran

Climbing Azad KoohEdit

Azad kooh is not a technical climb and you won't need any technical gear to climb the mountain in summer. There are two routes for climbing this peak, the easier and shorter one is from Kalaak-e-Baalaa village and the longer one is from Vaarange Rud village. The former takes 1–2 days and the latter 2–4 days. There is no shelter in neither route and you need to carry your own tent if you are planning to camp. Azad Kooh is not such an easy climb in the winter, there will be a considerable amount of snow and the potential danger of avalanche in either route.


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