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Axel Pressbutton #6, cover art by Mick Austin

Axel Pressbutton is a comics character who first appeared in the strip "Three-Eyes McGurk and his Death Planet Commandos" in the British rock music magazine Dark Star in 1979.

A violent cyborg with the face of Ernest Borgnine, a button on his chest which delivers orgasmic pleasure when pressed and a phobia about vegetation, he was created by Steve Moore (under the pseudonym "Pedro Henry") and Alan Moore (no relation, under the pseudonym "Curt Vile").


Pressbutton continued his adventures in the strip "The Stars My Degradation" (a punning reference to the classic science fiction novel The Stars My Destination), first published in 1980 in Sounds magazine.

Warrior magazine, launched in 1982, featured Laser Eraser and Pressbutton, written by "Pedro Henry" and drawn by Steve Dillon, in which Pressbutton was partnered with Mysta Mistralis, the 'Laser Eraser' (a futuristic hit woman). He got his own 6-issue title in 1984 from Eclipse Comics, which contained reprints of the Warrior material. This was followed by a further 6 issues of Laser Eraser and Pressbutton and a 3-D Special in 1985. This series would contain new material drawn by Mike Collins.

Later one-off stories appeared in anthology publications, always written by Steve Moore (aka Pedro Henry), originating in the UK:

  • "A Long Time Dead" (A1 Volume 1 Book #2, Atomeka, 1989, 6 pages) Text story. Art by Glenn Fabry
  • "Famous For Fifteen Minutes" (Blast #1, John Brown Publishing, 1991, 6 pages) Art by Steve Dillon
  • "Axel Pressbutton - The Movie" (A1 Volume 2 Book #3, Epic/Marvel, 1992, 7 pages & cover) Art by Martin Emond & Poster page/Cover by Simon Bisley

Pressbutton's origin was given in a stand-alone story in the Warrior Summer Special drawn by Steve Jackson. Originally a mild-mannered and plant-loving florist, he took delivery of plant matter which included a sentient, telepathic, anesthetic, carnivorous fungus which attacked his body from the feet upwards. All the time it was consuming him, it was empathising with him, apologising for eating him and preventing him from feeling the pain. By the time he was rescued, the only remaining parts of his body were his head, right arm and part of his chest. As a result of this damage, he became extremely embittered, especially against vegetation. When rebuilt as Pressbutton, he was fitted with a cleaver as a left arm and, because of his lack of genital equipment, an orgasm-inducing button on his chest clearly marked "Press". Unfortunately, this was sometimes used by later adversaries to disable him (in rapture) while he was attacking them.

In 2006, British comics artist Jon Haward announced he was drawing a new story featuring Laser Eraser and Pressbutton. Written by Steve Moore (aka Pedro Henry) and with his approval the story would go online on John's website[1] in October 2006. However, as of February 2007, it has yet to appear.