Avril (French musician)

Fred Avril, aka Avril / Frédéric Magnon is a French electronic musician and film composer based in Montmartre, Paris. As a singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist, he won international praise for his two albums[1] that foreshadowed a strong link with cinema.

He got his start in film music in 2008 with Hong-Kong acclaimed director Johnnie To. His quasi-musical Sparrow's soundtrack was nominated at both the Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, the film being a box-office hit in China. Fred Avril won the Stockholm Music Award with Swedish film Sound of Noise" (Semaine de la critique, Cannes) about "sonic bombing". He specialized in music for films and composed the score for the indie feature "The Lifeguard" (Liz W. Garcia) with Kristen Bell, that premiered in Sundance.

In 2018 he composed the main theme for Netflix Original The Hook Up Plan. The music was uploaded by fans on Youtube and was viewed more than 5 million times throughout the world before being released by BMG records (US).[2]

Other songs on different projects have featured singers Mick Harvey (former member of the Bad Seeds) and Christophe (singer). He co-composed with Marianne Elise the song in French box-office success Connasse, Princesse des cœurs introducing Camille Cottin.

But Fred Avril also writes classical arrangements, for example in I Am Not an Easy Man (2017 Netflix Original, produced in the US). He won the Emile Award (European equivalent of US Annie Awards) of the Best Soundtrack for an Animated Series with adult manga series Lastman.

Cinema and SeriesEdit


Personal AlbumsEdit

  • Now It's Spring (2000) (F Com)
  • That Horse Must Be Starving (2002) (F Com)
  • Members Only (2004) (F Com)

Original SoundtracksEdit

  • Sparrow (CD, Naive 2008)
  • Sound of Noise (CD, Hybris, 2010)
  • Les Bêtises Cine Music Club (2014)
  • Connasse, Princesse des Coeurs (CD, Milan, 2015)
  • Lastman (Vinyl, Everybody On Deck, 2017) (sold out)
  • I Am Not an Easy Man (Plaza Mayor, 2018)
  • Pearl (Plaza Mayor, 2019)
  • Qui m’aime me suive (Plaza Mayor, 2019)
  • Plan Coeur (BMG US, 2019)

Other recordsEdit

  • Hollywood mon amour (« This Is Not America » cover featuring Juliette Lewis) (PIAS 2008)
  • Nouvelle Vague Album Bande à part arrangement and production (Peacefrog 2006)
  • Temposhark Invisible Ink Remix (Paper and Glue 2005)
  • Olga Kouklaki, I U Need arrangement and production (EMI 2011)
  • Stephan Eicher, L'Envolée composition and production p(Barclay/Universal, 2012)



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