Avienus (consul 501)

Flavius Avienus (fl. 501–509) was a Roman politician during the reign of Theodoric the Great. He held the consulship with Pompeius as colleague in 501.[1]

He probably belonged to the gens Decia; he was the son of Caecina Decius Maximus Basilius (consul in 480), and brother of Albinus (consul in 493), Theodorus (consul in 505) and Inportunus (consul in 509).[2] John Moorhead argues that the brothers were on different sides of the Laurentian schism, with Albinus and Avienus supporting Symmachus and Theodore and Inportunus supporting Laurentius.[3]

He was a correspondent of Magnus Felix Ennodius; one letter by Ennodius to Avienus has been preserved.[4]

By 507/509, Avienus and his brother Albinus had already become patricii; around this time, but after the death of their father, they were asked to become patrons of the Greens and to appoint a pantomime.


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Rufius Magnus Faustus Avienus