Autostrad (band)

ِAutostrad (Arabic: أوتوستراد‎) is a Jordanian indie band from Amman, Jordan, formed in 2007.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

OriginAmman, Jordan
GenresAlternative rock, Reggae, Funk, Indie
Years active2007–present
  • Avo Demerjian
  • Yazan Sarayrah
  • Bashar Hamdan
  • Yazan Al Rousan
  • Burhan Al Ali
  • Mohannad Shwayat
Past members
  • Hamzeh Arnaout aka El Jehaz
  • Wisam Qatawneh
  • Jamal Alhusseiny aka JTK
  • Abdulrahman Atari


Autostrad's original lineup consisted of

  • Avo Demerjian - bass guitar and vocals
  • Bashar Hamdan - saxophone and keyboard
  • Hamzeh Arnaout - guitar and vocals
  • Wisam Qatawneh - keyboard and vocals
  • Yazan Al Rousan - guitar and main vocals
  • Burhan Al Ali - drums and vocals

There has been some changes in the line-up of the band with Hamzeh Arnaout (guitar) and Wisam Qatawneh (keyboards) leaving and admission of Yazan Sarayrah (guitars) and Mohannad Shwayat (keyboards).

The present line-up is now made up of:

  • Avo Demerjian - bass guitar and vocals
  • Bashar Hamdan - saxophone and keyboard
  • Yazan Al Rousan - guitar, percussion and main vocals
  • Burhan Al Ali - drums and vocals
  • Yazan Sarayrah - lead guitar
  • Mohannad Shwayat - Keyboard


Autostrad's music is influenced by a mix of rock, reggae, Latin and funk combined with their own lyrics written in the Jordanian dialect.[7] The topics draw inspiration from everyday life in Jordan, the group conveys stories of love, struggle, financial challenges, drug abuse, and finding oneself through their music. The band has gained popularity amongst Jordanian youth because of their music evokes daily life in the country. They have released four studio albums: Fi Autostrad (2008), Autostrad (2011), Nitrogen (2013) and Turathi (2017).[8]

Tours and appearancesEdit

They have toured the Arab Middle East, at times fostering controversy. Their tour that included the Golan Heights, Nazareth, Haifa, Ramallah and Jerusalem's Old City drew criticism because of their decision to cross the Jordan River using a visa issued by the Israeli Embassy in Amman.[3]

In 2014, they were invited to play in London as part of their tour. It was their first time playing outside the Arab World.[9]

They have also appeared several times on television, most notably when they were featured in a show by Ro'ya TV and also when they were hosted by Bassem Youssef on Egyptian TV show called Al Bernameg.[8][10] They have also appeared in a number of RedBull SoundClash concerts, their first being in 2015 against Jordanian band El Morabba3.[11][12]

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