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Automobile (magazine)

Automobile is an American automobile magazine published by the Motor Trend Group. A group of former employees of Car and Driver led by David E. Davis founded Automobile in 1986 with support from Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation[2][3]—using the credo No Boring Cars.[4] Automobile distinguishes itself as more of a lifestyle magazine than the other automotive publications, an editorial theme that Davis greatly expanded upon from his tenure as the editor of Car and Driver, though it is a sister publication to Motor Trend.

The June 2008 cover of Automobile.
The June 2008 cover of Automobile.
EditorMike Floyd
CategoriesAutomobile magazine
FrequencyMonthly/10 issues per year[1]
PublisherTEN: The Enthusiast Network
Total circulation
FounderDavid E. Davis
First issueApril 1986 (1986-04)
CompanyMotor Trend Group
CountryUnited States
Based inLos Angeles
LanguageAmerican English

Unlike most other automobile magazines, Automobile does not often do instrumented tests of cars or provide much technical data. Instead, the reviews of vehicles are subjective experiential reports with the cars in their naturally intended, real world environment. Additionally, Automobile reserves a good portion of each issue covering vehicles no longer in production, but still relevant to collectors or automotive history as a whole. For example, the magazine includes features such as "Collectible Classic," an in-depth review of a particular older car, and reports from recent classic and antique car auctions. Automobile also has a regular column by former General Motors designer Robert Cumberford, who analyzes styling elements of current production models and show cars, often linking their design to those of older cars.[5]



Automobile of the YearEdit

From 1990 to 2014, Automobile awarded their "Automobile of the Year" to one car annually.[6]

Automobile All-StarsEdit

In 2015, Automobile replaced their "Automobile of the Year" award to the "Automobile All-Stars", naming multiple cars on the list annually.

Design of the YearEdit


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