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Auto Bild (ISSN 0930-7095) is a leading German automobile magazine based in Hamburg, Germany.[1][2]

Auto Bild
Logo AutoBild.svg
Auto Bild front page.png
Auto Bild sample cover
EditorBernd Wieland
CategoriesAutomobile magazine
Circulation374,981 (Q2 2016)
First issue23 February 1986; 33 years ago (1986-02-23)
CompanyAxel Springer AG
Based inHamburg

History and profileEdit

Auto Bild was first published on the last week of February 1986.[3][4] The magazine is published by Axel Springer AG on a weekly basis.[5] The website of the magazine was started in 1996.[3] From May 2009, another magazine Auto Bild Motorsport began to appear weekly in Auto Bild.[6]

Auto Bild with its worldwide licensed editions, of which more than seven million copies are sold every month, is published in 36 countries.[3] Foreign editions include France's Auto Plus,[7] the United Kingdom's Auto Express and Turkey's Auto Show. The magazine also has a Polish edition, which is part of Axel Springer AG via its subsidiary Axel Springer Polska.[8]

The Finnish edition of the magazine, Auto Bild Suomi, was started in 2004, and is published by Sanoma Magazines.[9][10] The Bulgarian version of the magazine is published under the name of Auto Bild Bulgaria which also published by Axel Springer AG.[11]

In Spain, its edition is published on a weekly basis with the original name by Axel Springer AG.[12] The Italian edition of the magazine, Auto Oggi, is licensed by Mondadori.[7] In 2008, its Romanian edition was launched by Ringier.[13] It is published on a bimonthly basis.[13] On 15 November 2012, the Argentina edition was started by Grupo Veintitres which holds the license of the magazine.[14]


In 2001, Auto Bild had a circulation of 792,000 copies in Germany.[5] The circulation of the magazine was 592,245 copies in Germany in 2010, making it the fourth best selling European automobile magazine.[15] The same year, its Spanish edition had a circulation of 32,484 copies.[12] Its circulation was 555,500 copies in 2012 in Germany.[16] During the second quarter of 2016, the magazine had a circulation of 374,981 copies in the country.[17]

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