Australian Sports Car Championship

The Australian Sports Car Championship was the national title for sports car racing drivers sanctioned by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport from 1969 to 1988. Each championship was contested over a series of races with the exception of the 1975 title, which was awarded on the results of a single race held at the Phillip Island circuit in Victoria.

Australian Sports Car Championship
CategorySports Car Racing
Inaugural season1969
Last Drivers' championAustralia Alan Nolan

Championship races were open to purpose-built sports racing cars complying with CAMS Group A Sports Car regulations except for the years 1976 to 1981 in which they were restricted to Group D Production Sports Cars.

Local manufacturers Matich, Elfin, Kaditcha, and K&A Engineering (Veskanda C1), along with McLaren dominated the series when run under Group A rules, while Porsche drivers won all six Group D based championships.

The championship winners are listed below.

Year Champion Vehicle
1969 Frank Matich Matich SR4 Repco
1970 Peter Woodward Elfin 350 Coventry Climax
1971 John Harvey McLaren M6B Repco
1972 John Harvey McLaren M6B Repco
1973 Phil Moore Elfin 360 Repco
1974 Henry Michel Elfin 360 Repco
1975 Garrie Cooper Elfin MS7 Repco Holden
1976 Ian Geoghegan Porsche Carrera
1977 Alan Hamilton
John Latham
Porsche 934 Turbo
Porsche Carrera RSR
1978 Ross Mathiesen Porsche Carrera
1979 Ross Mathiesen Porsche Carrera
1980 Allan Moffat Porsche 930 Turbo
1981 John Latham Porsche 930 Turbo
1982 Chris Clearihan Kaditcha Chevrolet
1983 Peter Hopwood Kaditcha Chevrolet
1984 Bap Romano Romano WE84 Cosworth
1985 Chris Clearihan Kaditcha Chevrolet
1986 John Bowe Veskanda C1 Chevrolet
1987 Andy Roberts Roberts SR3 Ford
1988 Alan Nolan Nola Chevrolet