Australia women's national volleyball team

The Australia women's national volleyball team, also known as Volleyball Team Australia Women (VTAW) or the Volleyroos, is the national volleyball team of the volleyball playing nation of Australia. As of January 2021, they are ranked 40th in the world.[1] They are a member of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC).

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Head coachMartin Collins
FIVB ranking40 (as of 12 June 2021)

The Australian Women’s program maintained during the 1990s ranked 6th in the Asian zone, due in part to the strong nature of women’s volleyball in Asia, with teams like China, Japan and Korea ranked in the world at the time in the top 8. With the support of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), they achieved 9th place in the 2000 Summer Olympics. Following this the Volleyroos achieved its highest-ever world ranking of 14th.[citation needed] They then achieved a 6th-place finish at the 2001 Asian Championships, and qualified for a second World Championships.

Their historic inclusion in the 2014 Women’s Grand Prix challenged the Volleyroos skills with higher world ranked competitors.[2]

Tournament historyEdit

A red box around the year indicates tournaments played within Australia

Olympic GamesEdit

The women's Volleyroos made their Olympic Games debut as host sport nation at the 2000 Summer Olympics. They have yet to return to Olympic competition.[3]

World ChampionshipsEdit

Australia have participated twice internationally:[4] and 2002.[5][6]

1982 World Championship (Peru) – Finishing 12th out of 23 teams. 2002 World Championship (Germany) – Finishing 21st out of 24 teams.

Asian ChampionshipsEdit

The first Asian Volleyball Championship was held in Melbourne, 1975, where Australia placed 4th.[7] They came 4th again in 1979.[8] These were the best placings in this competition. The team has always placed within the top 10 throughout its history in this tournament.

Asian CupEdit

Australia came 7th in the 2008 Asian Women's Cup Volleyball Championship, but have not been involved ever since.[9]

World Grand PrixEdit

Australia played in the 2016 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix, one of 28 participating countries. They were in Group 3, featuring Cuba, Algeria, Peru, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, and Mexico.

Results table[10] below. The first 3 matches were played in Bendigo, Victoria, and the last 3 matches played in Cali, Colombia.

Match Home team Away team
1 Australia 0–3 Colombia
2 Australia 1–3 Cuba
3 Australia 0–3 Croatia
4 Kazakhstan 3–0 Australia
5 Colombia 3–0 Australia
6 Mexico N/A Australia

Pool B3Edit

Date Time Score Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Report
3 Jun 10:40 Australia   0–3   Colombia 17–25 13–25 13–25     43–75 P2 P3
4 Jun 09:10 Australia   1–3   Cuba 22–25 25–37/1918 25–27   P2 P3 72–89  
5 Jun 06:10 Australia   0–3   Croatia 19–25 17–25 12–25     48–75 P2 P3

Pool C3Edit

Date Time Score Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Report
10 Jun 22:00 Kazakhstan   3–0   Australia 25–14 25–6 25–20     75–40 P2 P3
11 Jun 23:30 Colombia   3–0   Australia 25–17 25–20 25–15     75–52 P2 P3
12 Jun 21:00 Mexico     Australia     0–0 P2 P3

Current rosterEdit

Australia National Volleyball Team
Players Coaches
  • Caitlin Bettenay
  • Beth Carey
  • Katrina Janssen
  • Alissa Kinkela
  • Kell Lean (C)
  • Tara Maland
  • Jaimee-Lee Morrow
  • Rebecca Reeve
  • Rachel Reeve
  • Jennifer Sadler
  • Elenoa Sing
  • Danusia Sipa Borgeaud
  • Mikaela Stevens
  • Jennifer Tait

  • Head coach: Martin Collins
  • Asst coach: Russ Borgeaud
  • Asst coach: Sue Jenkins
  • Asst coach: Karl Lim
  • Manager: Giorgio Poetto
  • Physiotherapist: Henry Tram
  • Statistician: Mateusz Nykeil
  • Statistician: Hugh Nguyen



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