Augusta fire of 1916

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A fire destroyed much of Augusta, Georgia on March 22, 1916. Photographs captured the event.[1] The fire was blamed on an unattended iron in a tailor's shop. It was the worst fire in Augusta's history and impacted 25 blocks from 8th Street to East Boundary Street, including portions of downtown and Olde Town. No one was killed, but Augusta incurred $10 million in damages. Many thousands of cotton bales were destroyed and an estimated 3,000 people made homeless. Approximately 600 residential and commercial buildings were destroyed.[1] A residential area became a lot with only chimneys left. "Cotton Row" was destroyed.[1] The Lamar Building was under construction and had to be demolished after the fire. Churches and schools were destroyed.

Augusta fire of 1916
Augusta Fire of 1916 Display.jpg
Display about the Augusta fire of 1916 at the Augusta Museum of History
DateMarch 22, 1916 (1916-03-22)
CauseAn unattended iron in a tailor's shop
Property damageMuch of Augusta, Georgia



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