August Scherl

August Scherl (24 July 1849 – 18 April 1921) was a German newspaper magnate.

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August Scherl


August Hugo Friedrich Scherl founded a newspaper and publishing concern on 1 October 1883, which from 1900 carried the name August Scherl Verlag. He was editor of the Berlin Local Advertiser (Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger) since 3 November 1883, and his publishing house started the weekly magazine Die Woche (The Week) in 1899. In 1904 he took over publication of the widely popular magazine Die Gartenlaube. As a result his publishing company had the largest circulation of any in Germany at the time.

Scherl was also active with theater projects, with lottery systems and a Gyro Monorail. These costly projects were not commercially successful, so he sold his interests in the German Publishers Association (Deutscher Verlagsverein) and left it in 1914. His nationwide newspaper empire was taken over by Alfred Hugenberg in 1916, and later by Max Amann (Franz-Eher-Verlag).

Scherl was born in Düsseldorf. As a boy, he lived with his parents in Naunynstrasse, but in later life he remained in the central district of Berlin. He died in Berlin and is buried at the Luisenstadt cemetery. He had a villa constructed in Dahlem in secret, in order to surprise his wife. When she made a derogatory comment about the building, when driving past it, Scherl had the house demolished, without informing his wife. The secret of his success was his readiness to take risks, understanding of economics, foresight, innovation and unwillingness to take anything on trust.

The Generalanzeiger-Presse (General Advertiser Press) in Germany was founded by Scherl.

Publications by ScherlEdit

  • 1883: Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger
  • since 1889: Berliner Abendzeitung
  • 1894: Neueste Berliner Handels- und Börsennachrichten
  • 1895: Sport im Bild (first german sport illustrated)
  • 1899: Die Woche
  • 1899: Sport im Wort
  • 1900: daily newspaper Der Tag
  • 1904: Purchase of magazine Die Gartenlaube
  • 1905: Praktischer Wegweiser, later as Allgemeiner Wegweiser

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