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August 2016 lunar eclipse

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
August 18, 2016
Lunar eclipse chart close-2016Aug18.png
The moon imperceptibly dimmed as the moon passed through the Earth's northern penumbral shadow
Series (and member) 109 (last member)
Penumbral 17 min 57 sec
P1 9:25 UTC
Greatest 9:42 UTC
P4 9:59 UTC

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurred on Thursday, August 18, 2016, the second of three lunar eclipses in 2016.

This eclipse grazed the northern boundary of the Earth's penumbral shadow, was visually imperceptible, and marked the end of the Saros series 109.



It was visible from Australia and America.

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It was the last lunar eclipse of Saros cycle 109. The previous one was on August 8, 1998.

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