Aufseßplatz station is a Nuremberg U-Bahn station, located on the U1 line.

Nuremberg U-Bahn station
General information
90459 Nürnberg, Germany
Coordinates49°26′26″N 11°04′52″E / 49.4404234°N 11.0809894°E / 49.4404234; 11.0809894
Operated byVerkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg
  • Tiergarten – Worzeldorfer Straße
  • Doku-Zentrum – Westfriedhof
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Fare zoneVGN: 100[1]
Opened23 September 1975
Preceding station Nuremberg U-Bahn Following station
Nürnberg Hbf U1 Maffeiplatz
Aerial of Aufseßplatz

An unused tunnel stub for a connection curve exists south of the station on the side of the north-bound track. This curve was meant as connection to another subway line from Plärrer to Dutzendteich, which never got beyond an early planning stage. Like Plärrer, Hauptbahnhof and the much later Friedrich Ebert Platz orange tiles were used to indicate a possible interchange station. However, as of 2022 only Plärrer and Hauptbahnhof actually are interchange stations between different subway mainlines. While Aufseßplatz is also served by Tram line 5, this is a distinction three other stations (Rathenauplatz station, Frankenstraße station, Wöhrder Wiese station) share in addition to all four "orange tiled" ones.

References edit

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