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Audio Partnership Plc is a British manufacturer of hi-fi, home cinema and home automation products, which was founded in 1994.



Richer SoundsEdit

Closely associated with Richer Sounds due to the exclusive distribution of many of its most well known products in the UK through the chain, Audio Partnership has produced many products over the years. However, Richer Sounds does not own Audio Partnership (although Julian Richer, the owner of Richer Sounds, co-founded and owns 51% of Audio Partnership), and other distributors are responsible for the distribution of Audio Partnership products outside the UK.

Products since 1994Edit

Audio Partnership’s products since 1994 include stereo amplifiers, CD players, digital-to-analogue (DAC) converters (namely the DACMagic and ISOMagic series), tuners (both analogue and digital), loudspeakers, subwoofers and cables. In most recent years, the company branched out into home cinema, with an external 5.1 processor for older Dolby Pro-Logic amplifiers that have six-channel inputs, AV receivers as well as an extensive range of DVD players and recorders.


Although the company is based in the UK, its products are manufactured in China to take advantage of lower labour costs.[3]

Audio Partnership, through its Opus technologies operation, has an extensive portfolio of home automation products that can be used to build an integrated entertainment installation in a home. Such setups can also be built into brand-new homes.


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