AudioFile (magazine)

AudioFile is a print and online magazine whose mission is to review "unabridged and abridged audiobooks, original audio programs, commentary, and dramatizations in the spoken-word format. The focus of reviews is the audio presentation, not the critique of the written material."[1] AudioFile is published six times a year in Portland, Maine.[2][3]

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EditorRobin F. Whitten
CategoriesLiterary magazine
PublisherAudioFile Publications, Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inPortland, Maine


The publication was launched in 1992 as a 12-page black & white newsletter containing about 50 critical reviews of audiobooks, focused on new releases.[4] In 1997, it switched to a 36-page color magazine format containing about 60 reviews per issue and interviews with authors, readers, and publishers.[5]


In 2000, AudioFile launched an online database of past issues.[6] Current issues were offered online beginning in 2001.[7]

Earphones AwardsEdit

AudioFile bestows Earphones Awards to presentations which are deemed to excel in the following criteria:[8]

  • Narrative voice and style
  • Vocal characterizations
  • Appropriateness for the audio format
  • Enhancement of the text

SYNC Audiobooks for TeensEdit

AudioFile sponsors the SYNC Audiobooks for Teens, a "free summer program for teens 13+." The program provides subscribers with two free and complete audiobook downloads paired thematically each week during its summer season. The season varies in length from 10-16 weeks. The audiobook files are delivered via the OverDrive Media Console.[9]


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