Aubrey Schenck

Aubrey Schenck (August 26, 1908, New York City – April 14, 1999, Murrieta, California) was an American film producer from the 1940s through the 1970s.


The son of George Schenck, a Russian immigrant theatrical manager, and Mary Schenck, Schenck was a nephew of Joseph and Nicholas Schenck. Father to George Schenck and grandfather to Kirk Schenck. He graduated from Boys High School and Cornell University, and was a practicing attorney in New York City.

Among Schenck's clients was 20th Century Fox that led him to be a personal assistant to Spyros Skouras.[1] When Schenck submitted a script for a film, Schenck told Skouras he'd prefer to produce the film himself rather than be paid a fee. The film, Shock! (1946) starring Vincent Price, was a moderate success and launched Schenck's career as a movie producer.[2]

Later he worked with Eagle-Lion Films and independent productions. When Eagle-Lion was merged into United Artists, Schenck started his own production company Bel-Air Productions producing a variety of action films as second features for UA. Other films made by Schenck include Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), Ambush Bay (1966) and Kill a Dragon (1967).

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