Attas Cabinet was the first cabinet of Yemen after Yemeni Unification in 1990. it was formed by Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas from 24 May 1990 to 29 May 1994.[1] It was made up of 40 ministers.

Attas Cabinet
Date formed24 May 1990
Date dissolved29 May 1994
People and organisations
Head of stateAli Abdullah Saleh
Head of governmentHaidar Abu Bakr al-Attas
SuccessorAbdulghani Cabinet

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( 24 May 1990 – 29 May 1994)

Office Portrait Name Took office Left office Alliance/party
Prime Minister Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas YSP
First Deputy Prime Minister Hassan Makki GPC
Deputy Prime Minister for Interior Affairs Mujahed Abu Shawarib Ba'ath
Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs Saleh Obaid Ahmed YSP
Deputy Prime Minister for Manpower Development Mohammed Haydarah Masdus YSP
Minister of Construction and Development Abdullah Hussein al-Kurshumi GPC
Minister of Foreign Affairs Abd Al-Karim Al-Iryani GPC
Minister of Finance Alawi al-Salami GPC
Minister of Defense Haitham Qasem Taher YSP
Minister of Interior Ghaleb Mutaher al-Qamesh GPC
Minister of Labour and Technical Training Abdulrahman Dhaiban
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ahmed Salem al-Qadhi
Minister of Information Mohammed Ahmed Jurhum YSP
Minister of Electricity and Water Abdulwahab Mahmoud GPC
Minister of Youth and Sport Mohammed al-Kabab GPC
Minister of Civil Service and Administration Reform Mohammed al-Wajih GPC
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz al-Dali
Minister of Health Mohammed Ali Muqbel GPC
Minister of Justice Abdulwasa Salam YSP
Minister of Oil and Minerals Saleh Abu Bakr YSP
Minister of Religious Endowments and Guidance Mohsen Mohammed al-Ulifi GPC
Minister of Planning and Development Farj bin Ghanem YSP
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Sadeq Ameen Abu Ras GPC
Minister of Culture Hassan al-Lawzi GPC
Minister of Tourism Mahmoud al-Arasi YSP
Minister of State Mohsen al-Hamdani
Minister of Transport Saleh Abdullah Muthana YSP
Minister of Industry Mohammed Saeed Al-Attar GPC
Minister of State for the cabinet affairs Yahya Hussein al-Arashi GPC
Minister of State for Parliament Affairs Rashed Mohammed Thabet
Minister of Housing and Urban Planning Abulqawi Muthana Hadi
Minister of Legal Affairs Ismael Ahmed al-Wazir GPC
Minister of Local Administration Mohammed Saeed Abdullah YSP
Minister of Fisheries Wealth Salem Jubran
Minister of Telecommunications Ahmed al-Ansi GPC
Minister of Trade Fadhel Mohsen YSP
Minister of Education Mohammed al-Jayfi GPC
Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs Ahmed Luqman GPC
Minister of Expatriates Affairs Saleh Munaser YSP

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