VA-210 (U.S. Navy)

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Attack Squadron 210 (VA-210) was an aviation unit of the United States Naval Reserve active between 1970 and 1971. VA-210 aircraft wore CVWR-20's tail code "AF", the squadron's nickname was Black Hawks.

Attack Squadron 210
Attack squadron VA-210 USN emblem.png
VA-210 Insignia
Active1 July 1970 - 30 June 1971
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Navy Reserve Seal United States Navy Reserve
RoleClose air support
Part ofInactive
Nickname(s)Black Hawks


The United States Navy reorganized its Naval Air Reserve units in 1970. To bolster their strength two Reserve Carrier Air Wings (CVWR) were formed, CVWR-20 on the U.S. East Coast and CVWR-30 on the U.S. West Coast.

Utilizing assets from reserve squadron VA-2Z1 attack squadron VA-210 was established at the NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts on 1 July 1970. The unit was commanded by Commander W.M. Hollister and equipped with A-4C Skyhawk attack planes.

However, CVWR-20 had originally only attack squadrons. The decision was made to replace two of the attack squadrons by fighter squadrons in 1971. VA-210 was one of the squadrons to be replaced by fighter squadrons VF-201 and VF-202. Aircraft of VA-201 made their last operational flight on 14 December 1970, the squadron being disestablished on 30 June 1971.[1]

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