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Fukuda Atsushi (福田 淳 Fukuda Atsushi, born July 26, 1965) A brand consultant and president of Speedy, Inc.[1] Previously, founder of Sony Digital Entertainment Services[2] and former vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan.[3] With a background in television, he launched "Animax" and "AXN" channels on the Japanese satellite television system "SKY PerfecTV!"

Currently he also serves as visiting professor at K.I.T. Graduate School[4] and Yokohama College of Art.[5]


Atsushi was born in Osaka, Japan on July 26, 1965. He graduated from the art department of Nihon University in March 1988. In 1998, after working at Tohokushinsha, a film distribution company, he joined Sony Pictures Entertainment, and launched the "Animax" and "AXN" channels on the Japanese satellite television system "SKY PerfecTV!"[6]

  • Awards:

- Cartier Award “Change Maker of the Year” (2016)

- Warner Brothers’ Award “Best Marketer of the Year” (3 consecutive years 2010 – 2012)

- Selected as one of “21stCentury’s 51 Key IT People” by Nikkei (2001)

3 consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Government Commission:

- Agency for Cultural Affairs: appointed as “Content Researcher”

- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Information Age of Discovery” member

- Ministry of International Affairs and Communication: “Media & Software Study Group” member

  • NPO's:

- Auditor of Fathering Japan Auditor

- Co-founder of Tiger Mask Foundation

Lectures, writings, interviewsEdit

  • This is OK as a 14 Year Old! (Kodansha)
  • Vox Pop is a Lie (Satemaga Books)
  • You Are Not Thinking to Profit from Social Media, Are You? (Shogakan)
  • "Money Concierge - Money road" (Kinsendō) 2009/4
  • "Presidents Company Visit" (Shachō no kigyō hōmon)[6] 2009/7[2]
  • "People and personal connections" (Hito ni jinmyaku ari) 2009/10
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI), "Media Industry – Charisma conversations" Part 1, Niwango, Inc. President - Seiji Sugimoto. (2010/5)
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI), "Media Industry – Charisma conversations" Part 2, Animax Broadcast Japan, Inc. – Masao Takiyama. (2010/8)
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI), "Media Industry – Charisma conversations" Part 3, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. President – Hajime Shigemura. (2010/11)
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI), "Media Industry – Charisma conversations" Part 4, Team Lab, Inc. President – Toshiyuki Inoko. (2011/2)
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI), "Media Industry – Charisma conversations" 2014, Water Design, Inc. Conceptor/President – Naoki Sakai. (2014/4)
  • "Monthly B-maga"(Satemaga BI)"Thinking Media" Serialization 10 year anniversary conversation "2012 Journey of Television", BBC Worldwide Japan, Inc. President - Ken Munakata.(2012/6)
  • Bi-monthly "Business Chance", "Business chance not in a web search" Investor - Yorihiko Kato.(2013/02).
  • Bi-monthly "Business Chance", "Business chance not in a web search" Management strategist/Author – Yoko W. Sakanoue.(2013/4)
  • Bi-monthly "Business Chance", "Business chance not in a web search" Infobahn, Inc. President – Hiroto Kobayashi.(2013/6)

Contents[clarification needed]Edit


In April 2009 opened the modern art gallery「S-des GALLERY」 as well started art publishing operations.

  • 101 TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2009 (2009/4/2~4/5)
  • Art Fair Tokyo 2010 (2010/4/1~4/3)
  • "-Scene of Shukou Tsuchiya - "Shukou Tsuchiya no Genjou" (2010/8/4~8/31)
  • Wataru Komachi meets Yasuji Tanioka exhibit [ ASAA!LET'S DO IT AGAIN.] (2010/9/18~10/3)
  • "brillant nouveau japon – new cool Japan tachi" exhibit (2010/10/30-31)
  • "DC COMICS SUPER HEROES!!! American Comic Art Exhibit"(2010/11/27-12/19)* Shukou Tsuchiya art piece "Roses for Batman" display.
  • MASAKO solo show 「HEADLESS - someone who could be you」(2011/10/4~10/10)
  • Fujiko Fujio(A)works made into silk screen art、MANGART Beams T, Daikanyama Exhibition & Store (2011/10/21~11/6)
  • "Kikuna Mishima solo show "Fukou na Hanayome"(2013/4/12~5/4)
  • Shukou Tsuchiya solo show "LIFE UNDER THE WING"(2013/8/17~8/22)
  • Shukou Tsuchiya solo show "Tougyō Sugar-Coated Fighting Fish" (2014/8/14~2014/8/19)
  • Kanaky Website "Kanaky" production& art work sales (2014/12)
  • Mr.Brainwash Silk-screen "Madonna Celebration For Japan" Limited sales, (2015/6)
  • Seijun Nishihata Solo show "Ultra Plants Exhibition – The Wonderland of Seijun Nishihata", Organized by:Pola Orbis Holdings, Inc. (2015/7/3~8/16).
  • Shukou Tsuchiya Solo show "Meigen × Sumi~Proverb of the World x Abstract Sumi-Art~" (2015/8/16~8/20)


  • "Bonnou Bijin Zukan" author:Megumi Terada (2010/5/1) (13th Japan Media Arts Festival; judging committee, recommended work)
  • "Meguma" author:TAKAKO (2010/5/1)
  • "Akai Mori no Shōjo to Shōnen no Akai Mori" author: Tomoo Seki/Keitarō Nakamura (2010/5/1)
  • "Mahō Shōjo Magical Rumiko" author:Natsumi Ishiyama (2010/5/1)
  • "RISE" author:Ayako Ōkubo (2010/5/1)
  • "Utsutsnoyume" author:Utsu Yumiko (2010/5/1)
  • "kawasemi" author:Shukou Tsuchiya (2010/8/1)
  • "Kurukurukuru" author:Noriko Katsura (2010/10/15)
  • "Shukou Tsuchiya Modern Ink Paintings ~The Moment of Life 2000-2010~" iPhone/iPad version (2010/9/1)
  • Jan Svankmajer calendar application "Svankmajer Calendar Application" iPhone version (2011/5)
  • "On her skin"(digital catalogue) Asako Shimizu iPhone version (2013/2)
  • "Yasuji Tanioka Zenshu" POD (Print on Demand) version, author Yasuji Tanioka (2014/12)

Charity projectsEdit

  • International NGO Kamonohashi Project - Lives can be saved through song (Uta de Sukueru Inochi ga aru) (2009/10)
  • Volunteer group "NPO Ashantemama"(Purako's travel, support group)registered group on JustGiving Japan (2011/1)
  • NPO "Tiger Mask Fund" established (2011/3)
  • "SAVE MIND, 100 CREATION" launched (2011/3)
  • "Genshi san" katsuben live, Ikō Sakamoto (2011/6)
  • NPO "Mori ha Umi no Koibito" support group (2011/7)
  • Crowd funding service "READY FOR?" start Purako fundraising (2013/8)
  • Crowd funding service "ShootingStar" project inviting participants to former sumo wrestler Baruto Kaido's retirement ceremony (2013/12)

Other productionsEdit

  • Movie "Earth Defending Girls P9" (Chikyuu Bouei Girls P9) promotion site "Find the Invader!" produced (2011/10)
  • NicoNico Douga & Twitter distribution project "I'm Umezu Kazuo, any questions?" (Umezu Kazuo dakedo shitsumon aru?) (2012/7)
  • Chukyo T.V "Spring Present Campaign" project Tensai Bakabon x Junji Takeda (2013/4)
  • Yamagata airport 50th anniversary promotion poster project "Former Sumo Baruto becomes Yamagata's Sightseeing Ambassador" (2013/4)
  • Short Video, "High Kick Zombie", Catch copy request for crowd works (2014/6).
  • Noboru Kawasaki Solo show "Noboru Kawasaki, ase to namida to warai exhibition" Photo-booth project(2015/ 8/1~10/12)
  • "Little Prince Hoshi no Ōji sama to Watashi Exhibition" Photo-booth project (2015/11/19~12/1)


  • "Kore de ii no da jyuuyon sai" (Kodansha) (2008/10/22)
  • "Machi no koe ha uso" (Satemaga) (2006/10/25)
  • "Machi no koe ha uso" (Satemaga) (2006/10/25)


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  • Blog, updated weekly "Fukudadesuga" 
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