Athletics at the 2003 Pan American Games – Men's 20 kilometres walk

The Men's 20 km Race Walking event at the 2003 Pan American Games took place on Tuesday August 5, 2003. Ecuador's Jefferson Pérez regained the title he lost four years earlier to Bernardo Segura. The title defender from Mexico ended up in second place this time.


Gold Jefferson Pérez
Silver Bernardo Segura
Bronze Alejandro López


World Record   Paquillo Fernández (ESP) 1:17:22 April 28, 2002   Turku, Finland
Pan Am Record   Bernardo Segura (MEX) 1:20:17 July 26, 1999   Winnipeg, Canada


Rank Athlete Time
1   Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:23:06
2   Bernardo Segura (MEX) 1:23:31
3   Alejandro López (MEX) 1:24:33
4   Luis Fernando López (COL) 1:27:32
5   Fredy Hernández (COL) 1:28:07
6   Cristian Muñoz (CHI) 1:31:07
7   Timothy Seaman (USA) 1:33:24
8   John Nunn (USA) 1:35:34
9   Edwin Centeno (PER) 1:39:16
10   José Ramón Henríquez (DOM) 1:42:50
11   Fraulin Caminero (DOM) 1:49:41
  Luis Fernando García (GUA) DNF
  Fausto Quinde (ECU) DNF
  Julio René Martínez (GUA) DSQ
  José Alessandro Baggio (BRA) DSQ

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